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Raise more money with a special event program

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May 16 ,2018

Changing Times... Jewish Federations of North America

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April 11 ,2018

Asking Donors "Discovery" Questions

Posted in Fundraising Ideas | By: GVT Admin

Do you ask your donors discovery questions?

I’m certain you do. But, you may not be asking them in the most effective way. Rachel Muir has some great tips and examples on how to ask donors questions.

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March 27 ,2018

Improving Donor Retention Rates

Posted in Fundraising Ideas | By: GVT Admin

This week's Movie Monday's fundraising tip is in from the folks at Movie Mondays.

Would you like to raise more money with your newsletters, website, annual report, direct mail, and your other donor communications?

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March 19 ,2018

Can You Predict Your Fundraising Campaign Will Succeed or Fail?

Posted in Fundraising Ideas | By: GVT Admin

This weeks Moview Monday's Fundraising video is in.  In this video, you’ll learn one of the “Rules” that will be an indicator of your campaign’s success or failure.

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February 26 ,2018

Are your board members being neglected?

Posted in Fundraising Ideas | By: GVT Admin

In this week's Movie Monday's episode, Maree Bullock shares a couple of insightful stories. These stories highlight why you should treat your board members like major donors.

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February 19 ,2018

OJJDP Announces New Emergency Planning Funding Opportunity

OJJDP has announced the following fiscal year 2018 funding opportunity.  See the details here.

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February 16 ,2018

Fundraising - Nonprofit's Lifeblood

Posted in Fundraising Ideas | By: GVT Admin


Without a continuous flow of adequate funds, no nonprofit mission can be realized. We tend to focus on the glamour of the good works nonprofits engage in and accept fundraising as a necessary evil. This, however, is misguided. Fundraising is the very lifeblood of every nonprofit, and the staff charged with the responsibility have a direct cause and effect connection to mission outcomes.

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February 13 ,2018

Creating Donors For Life

Posted in Fundraising Ideas | By: GVT Admin


Hello - this week's Movie Mondays fundraising tip video is in!

Is donor stewardship harder than asking for money?

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February 12 ,2018

Giving Back to Board Members

This week's Movie Mondays fundraising tip is here - Would you like to change the culture of your board?

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December 05 ,2017

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