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Create a Plan for Thanking Your Donors

This weeks Movie Mondays fundraising tip is in - enjoy!

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November 13 ,2017

9 Things Your Donors Really Want

In this week's Movie Monday's fundraising strategy video, you'll learn how one university raises money from 63% of their alumni (the national average is only 13%). 

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November 06 ,2017

A Simple Year-End Email Campaign That Will Increase Your Fundraising

It doesn’t get much easier than this.

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October 30 ,2017

What happens when you loose 65% of your donor base in one year?

Ever lose a series of donors in a quick period of time?  Want a great resolution?  Check out this video from the team at Movie Monday's!

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October 23 ,2017

How to find million dollar stories

This week's Movie Monday's Fundraising tip is in.  Enjoy!  Can a story really be worth a million dollars?


In today's episode you'll meet Jeff Schreifels. He is a leading expert in developing strategies for major donor programs.

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October 17 ,2017

From Scarcity to Generosity - One Woman's Journey on the Road to Giving

The traditional view of the nonprofit donor is an American industrialist sitting on a vast fortune that he can afford and is inclined to donate to a worthy cause. Rarely do we think of the American middle class as part of the American donor class. To the contrary, however, research reveals that the greater majority of nonprofit donors are from the American middle class.

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October 11 ,2017

Connecting with Donors Through Direct Mail

If you write letters to help fundraise for your agency, then you know the challenges with what to write, the tone you take, how to get your letter opened, conversion rates and the like!  This week's Movie Monday's Fundraising Tip is in and it's a good one!  You'll find out about Tom who is one of the most sought out donor communications writers in the world and his style of writing.  Some great tips to share - enjoy!

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October 09 ,2017

Stop Guessing About Your Donors

This week's Movie Monday's fundraising tip is in.  I've shared it below - enjoy!

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October 02 ,2017

Storytelling Tips From the Set of Hit TV Show NCIS

Hello - this week's Movie Mondays fundraising tip is in.  Chas. Floyd Johnson is a successful TV producer, putting out such projects and shows as Magum P.I. and Quantum Leap.  Check out this interview where Chas. shares his magic formula of keeping people engaged.  Enjoy!

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September 19 ,2017

How to overcome donor resistance

Need a good fundraising tip?  Our friends at Movie Mondays have a new one this week and it's pretty good.  Check it out here.

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September 11 ,2017

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