Efficiency and Impact: Measuring the ROI of Non-Profit Case Management Software

Posted by GVT Admin on Sep 18, 2023 3:12:00 PM

With over ten million nonprofits on a mission to create a positive impact in their communities globally, and every resource they invest needs to count. When it comes to non-profit case management software, the key question arises: Does it yield a return on investment (ROI)?

Let's explore the benefits that far exceed the ROI for non-profit software solutions in human service agencies that take the leap.

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How Nonprofit Software Solutions Help Your Organization Make Better Decisions

Posted by GVT Admin on May 2, 2019 9:59:06 AM

As a nonprofit case worker or administrator, you have a lot of decisions to make every week. And unlike some other jobs, the decisions you make can have a huge impact, not only on your organization, but on the lives of the people in your care. Having the right nonprofit software solutions can make those decisions easier and gives you the information needed to make the best decisions for everyone involved.

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New Accounting Rules for Nonprofits

Posted by George Ritacco on Jul 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The Financial Accounting Standards Board is about to issue its first upgrade in nonprofit reporting requirements since 1993.

The FAMCare blog has followed the development of these new reporting guidelines as the information came out of the FASB, and now we can report that they have been finalized. Accounting terminology and reasoning can often be arcane for nonprofit management who prefer to think more in terms of “mission” and “service”, so here is a brief summary that hopefully will make it a little easier to absorb the accounting lingo and logic.

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Budgeting Brilliance:  Budget Tips For Your Next I.T. Project

Posted by George Ritacco on Jan 27, 2017 1:57:13 PM

IT investments are crucial for any organization, but they cannot succeed without careful budgeting. To avoid common mistakes and place your initiatives on a firm financial foundation, make sure to:

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Non-Profit is Not Non-Business

Posted by George Ritacco on Oct 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Non-Profit Is Not Non-Business...

As we work with nonprofit accounting departments helping to install the FAMCare Cost Tracking/Financial Module, we are noticing a notional bias that seems to pervade the entire industry and prevents nonprofit organizations from operating efficiently from a financial perspective.

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Nonprofit Accounting Standards Issued

Posted by George Ritacco on Sep 21, 2016 8:00:00 AM

A few months back our accounting specialists previewed the new FASB directives that were being finalized for nonprofits. Well, the new FASB standards have finally been issued and below is a brief summary of what they are all about.

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Posted by George Ritacco on Jun 27, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Question - Do nonprofit accounting standards serve to clarify a nonprofit’s financial condition, or rather to obscure it?

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