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The Death of Trust...Victim Services

Posted by GVT Admin on Mar 3, 2021 12:30:00 PM

We are taught as children that we can trust our parents, our teachers, our religious leaders, the police, the mayor, and the President of the United States. It is their duty to care for us, to mean us well, and to do only good. We can trust them; until we can’t.

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OJJDP Announces Upcoming January Webinars

Posted by GVT Admin on Dec 30, 2020 9:45:05 AM

Register for upcoming juvenile justice-related webinars on funding, programs, and initiatives.




January 7, 2020

OJJDP FY 2021 Family Drug Court Program


January 12, 2020

OJJDP FY2021 Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Solicitation Webinar


January 12 – 13, 2020

Community Response to High Risk Missing and Sex Trafficking Victims


January 14, 2020

OJJDP FY 2021 Second Chance Act Youth Offender Reentry Program


January 20, 2020

Initial Response Strategies and Tactics When Responding to Missing Children Incidents


January 21, 2020

OJJDP FY 2021 Opioid Affected Youth Initiative




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Department of Justice Awards $144 Million To Improve Services for Crime Victims

Posted by GVT Admin on Oct 28, 2020 12:45:00 AM

The Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP) announced awards of more than $144 million to enhance services for victims of crime nationwide. OJJDP awarded more than $54 million to support the effective investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases and improve positive outcomes for child abuse and neglect victims. This includes OJJDP's support of children's advocacy centers (CACs) to address child abuse and neglect and training and technical assistance for CACs, multidisciplinary teams, and child abuse professionals.

OJJDP also awarded funds to support Court Appointed Special Advocate programs nationwide and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges to improve juvenile justice and dependency systems’ response to child abuse and neglect, as well as child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. In addition, OJP awarded nearly $101 million to combat human trafficking.

View the OJP fact sheets for additional information about the awards to improve services for victims and the awards to combat human trafficking.

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