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FAMCare Fundamentals...General Navigation

Posted by GVT Admin on Jan 20, 2021 10:26:06 AM

In this video we walk you through how to navigate across the different screens and tools within the FAMCare case management platform. This tutorial showcases the ease and functionality of navigating our system.  Our goal is simple, we help you to optimize your day-to-day activities. This makes your agency more efficient so you provide superior outcomes for those you serve. 

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FAMCare Fundamentals...FAMCare Demographics Form

Posted by Kim Hickman on Dec 16, 2020 11:19:32 AM

This FAMCare Fundamentals focuses on the Demographics Form.  This short video walks you through the demographics form in FAMCare. The demographics form can include other summary tables and be your one stop area for collecting various pieces of information making it faster for caseworkers to detail records.



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FAMCare Fundamentals...Adding Clients To Your FAMCare System

Posted by Kim Hickman on Nov 18, 2020 10:01:58 AM

It's time to brush up on those FAMCare Fundamentals!  For the FAMCare faithful this is a refresher in the ease of adding new clients into your system.  New to FAMCare?  Watching the FAMCare Fundamentals video is a great way to start fully utilizing your case managment system. Enjoy!



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How FAMCare's Favorites Menu Transforms Case Management

Posted by Kim Hickman on Oct 16, 2020 11:40:05 AM

It's funny how something so simple as a Favorites Menu can be a game changer.  With this short demonstration we hope to show you  how our Favorites Menu is transforming how cases are managed.  The favorites menu can be configured by a user to match their role and function at an agency.  Enjoy discovering how something so simple can transform how you work!

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Software Spotlight: Exciting New Features in FAMCare's Dashboard!

Posted by Kim Hickman on Oct 16, 2020 11:17:09 AM

Reports, Reports, Reports!  Our newest line of reporting tools continue to improve and offer several types of data analysis functions to help you really dive into those things that are making the biggest impact at your agency.  Check out this comprehensive overview.  NOTE:  Use the scroll bar to check out different areas - the new tools are powerful.

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How to Use FAMCare to Track Activity From a Remote Location...Part Two

Posted by Kim Hickman on Sep 8, 2020 2:33:58 PM

With more and more of our workforce operating form their 'home' bases, at times it can be difficult to manage your teams workload.  With this in mind we have created a second short video, highlighting the powerful dashboard tool in FAMCare.  We want to help you to oversee and manage your team whether your working at the office or remotely from home. 

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Exploring FAMCares Billing & Cost Tracking Module

Posted by Kim Hickman on Sep 8, 2020 2:15:22 PM

One of FAMCare's major advantages is our configurable billing module and tools.  We want to help our clients take the 'complicated' out of billing.  We understand that accurate billing and cost tracking is critical to the running of your agency.  Different clients have different needs.   Fee for Service, Census, Foster Care, mixed funding sources, grants, Medicaid 837/835, and other electronic submission or cost tracking services are all possible. FAMCare’s Cost Tracking & Billing Module can be configured to automate many functions so billing is faster, more accurate and consistent.

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Use FAMCare for COVID-19 Data Tracking, Mapping and Reporting Tools

Posted by George Ritacco on Aug 7, 2020 9:56:23 AM

Due to the current environment and our continuing battle against the Corona virus, we've included new tools in FAMCare to help track and report on client health issues related to Covid-19.  Our Covid-19 tool set includes data forms, Geo-mapping tools and reports to help you manage your population more effectively.

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FAMCare Post-It Notes on Steroids

Posted by George Ritacco on Nov 14, 2018 12:06:09 PM

I just shot a quick video overview of one of our newest, fun communication tools that seems to continually get new, cool features added to it regularly.... TAG-IT Notes.

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How Can Software the Government Utilizes Affect its Respective Communities?

Posted by George Ritacco on Feb 22, 2018 1:34:02 PM
It’s something most of us don’t think about – until it doesn’t work. The software that powers government entities has far reaching implications and potential consequences for the individuals and families living in the impacted communities.
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