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FAMCare Fundamentals...Provider and Community Resource Mapping Options

Posted by Kim Hickman on Jul 21, 2021 9:00:00 AM

It's our business to find solutions for the problems our diverse group of clients face..big or small, simple or complex!  That's what we do! 

By integrating Google API mapping tools into our FAMCare system we have found that its a game changer.  We know casework is never simple, but we love offering solutions to make it EASIER, FASTER, and therefore more EFFICIENT

This FAMCare Fundamentals is the final in a three part series of videos that puts the spotlight on our Mapping Features.  Please click on the links to watch the previous videos, Mapping Client Based Services and Caseload Mapping Features.

We hope you enjoy this short overview! 

Topics: FAMCare, How Clients Use FAMCare, FAMCare Videos, social workers, Case Workers, Mapping Feature, FAMCare Fundamentals

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