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Non-Verbal's... Read Them and Learn from Them

Posted in | By: Dave Becker


I am very lucky to work with a man who cares more about others than himself.  Being a social worker sitting with 4 developers on a daily basis presents is challenges.  We think and act differently.  We approach problems differently and use different forms of communication.  But a guy I work with can be deep into his own problems or tasks and see what others need.  
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May 12 ,2017

FAMCare Security Groups - Keep it Simple

In a database, security is key but is should be kept simple.  

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December 08 ,2016

The Case for a Flip Phone... Time to Disconnect from the Craziness?

Recently, I was at a conference with a client offering a presentation on software implementation.  While preparing for the presentation, a conversation occurred with the client that really made me stop and think.

A few days before the training I called this client to review everything and confirm we were ready for our presentation.  I asked for her cell phone number so we could connect the day before at the conference.  She replied, “Do not laugh at me, I still have a flip phone”.  After a short pause, I was not sure what to say.  This client is one of the most technically savvy project managers I have worked with in my career.  She can write HTML and SQL very well and is responsible for automating her entire workflow of five departments and 125 staff members, and yet she has a phone that I had 20 years ago when I first got out of college.  Then just when I thought it could not get any more interesting, she stated that I have to text her “Yes” or “No” questions because she does not know how to text on it and she can only text back one letter. 

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September 14 ,2016

Change Management Starts With... Why

Have you ever had one of those days where you think, "I have no idea what I am doing"?

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August 30 ,2016

Shut up and Listen!

Having spent years working with troubled youth, I have learned one tool that is both the most useful and the most difficult thing to learn when helping kids: “Shut up and Listen”. Bill Engvall has a stand-up comedy act where his catch phase is “I should have just shut up”.

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July 28 ,2016

10 Ways to Win With FAMCare Pathways

Posted in FAMCare, Pathways | By: Dave Becker

Since rolling out the Pathways module a few years ago – the tool has proven to help agencies take on some of their own form, reporting and workflow development.  During that time,  I have been intimately involved in training hundreds of users on Pathways and discussions with focus groups on how to improve the software.  We've had a lot of very positive feedback on Pathways.  Great stories of triumph have been shared by those who have used the tool to basically build their entire set of specific case management data collection forms and workflow.

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July 07 ,2016

Building a Case Management System?  Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Posted in | By: Dave Becker

If you are going to ask your staff to build a Case Management System, you need to give them the Hammer, Nails, and Wood to build It!!!

A Few Questions to Ponder...

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May 18 ,2016

Implementation and How Change is a Good Thing

When most people say the words, “We are going to change some things around here”, panic starts to run throughout the crowd for no reason.  Why is it that everyone is afraid of the concept of change?  Without change, how do we learn, grow and become better at serving others who need our help?  Regardless if you are in IT, Social Work, Education or Health Care change is going to happen.  Instead of causing problems by resisting it, why don’t we figure how to make the process better? 

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April 27 ,2016

Why a New Case Management Software System Can NEVER Change Someone’s Behavior

Posted in | By: Dave Becker

When implementing new case management software - the best way to start is to take a hard look at employee behavior and identify what needs to change first.

Let me explain. 

Change is hard.  A new system brings a whole set of changes and process tweaks, for example which for some people is sometimes a slow process to adopt.

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January 27 ,2016

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