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The Case for a Flip Phone... Time to Disconnect from the Craziness?

Posted by Dave Becker on Sep 14, 2016 9:00:00 AM


Recently, I was at a conference with a client offering a presentation on software implementation.  While preparing for the presentation, a conversation occurred with the client that really made me stop and think.

A few days before the training I called this client to review everything and confirm we were ready for our presentation.  I asked for her cell phone number so we could connect the day before at the conference.  She replied, “Do not laugh at me, I still have a flip phone”.  After a short pause, I was not sure what to say.  This client is one of the most technically savvy project managers I have worked with in my career.  She can write HTML and SQL very well and is responsible for automating her entire workflow of five departments and 125 staff members, and yet she has a phone that I had 20 years ago when I first got out of college.  Then just when I thought it could not get any more interesting, she stated that I have to text her “Yes” or “No” questions because she does not know how to text on it and she can only text back one letter. 

Ok, now I was speechless which was actually a good thing because it got me thinking.   

As I sit here and stare at my phone, how simple and relaxing would my life be if...

  • I could not return emails on my phone? 
  • I could not return text messages to people trying to reach me?
  • I could not play games while waiting in line?
  • Access to me would be limited to 8 hours a day. 
  • Instead of taking a picture of everything I would have to do this one thing my parents did--remember things.  

As I thought more and more about this, I started to realize that I need a “Flip Phone”. :-)

Anyone who knows me, knows that this will never happen.  So to meet in the middle, I am going to have a “Flip Phone” hour after work.  It has taken a talk with my customer to make me realize that whether you have a smart phone or a “Flip Phone” they both have one thing in common-- a “Power Button”.  I have decided that for one hour each day I am going to turn off my notification and treat my Smart Phone like a “Flip Phone”.

And what say you...?  Are you ready to go back to a time where you could "disconnect" after you left work?

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