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Important Tips for New Case Managers

Posted by GVT Admin on Apr 5, 2023 11:53:23 AM

First Job as a case managerThe American social service sector employs over 680,000 caseworkers. As the industry expands, record numbers of new caseworkers join the ranks. There will always be a learning curve, but in an industry, that's experiencing large numbers of job burnout and turnover, tips for newcomers can be a lifesaver. Let's share some diehard tips for the newbie case managers and a refresher for our brilliant veterans.  

Time Management

I am sure this one is on top of the list isn't a surprise.  As a case manager in the human services field, things are rapidly changing, and the caseloads can be challenging.  Being able to lock down strong time management skills that work efficiently for you is critical.  Some tried and true methods, such as "to-do lists," pre-scheduling paperwork time, and using technology can help. Strong time management will also help you to be able to multi-task (another covenanted skill). Another top tip is suggestion number two... 

Collaboration With Co-workers

Collaboration between social workers

Your mentor and other co-workers can be a great place to share tips and ideas about everything from time management to how you handle certain situations.  This is vital to helping you navigate the early years of being a case manager.  A newbie with fresh ideas and a seasoned veteran with experience bringing their unique perspectives together will make a tremendous difference.  


Case managers need to continually sharpen their communication skills.  You will communicate with co-workers, donors, and most importantly some of society's most vulnerable during some of their life's most challenging moments.  Being able to communicate professionally in a wide variety of situations is vital.  

Data Management 

Being detailed and accurate in your documentation skills is essential. The data you collect is vital for the clients you serve no matter what field of social work you are in.  It might be used in juvenile justice court cases, helping house the homeless, or child welfare services.  Also, the data you collect will eventually be used to tell the story of your agency and its effectiveness in helping the populations you serve.  

Don't Overwork Yourself  

Case Manager practicing stress relief

While hard work is good, a vast majority of caseworkers do so at the expense of their well-being. Don’t make that mistake as those before you. Spend time on your case management but efficiently maintain a healthy work-life balance. One of our most popular blogs offers 10 Tips for Quick Case Manger Stress Relief.  


Don't lose your passion for discovering new helpful technologies. As a maker of human services case management software for 20 years, we understand the significance of a newbie case worker's passion for new technologies. Don't lose your desire to discover new ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your agency.  Automation of your process can help the team to become efficient, agile, and work smarter.  


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