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Posted by GVT Admin on Dec 28, 2022 10:56:06 AM

Thank you social workersSuddenly, we have reached the final blog of 2222. What a year it was! The lingering effects of the COVID pandemic continued to impact the elderly and the homeless and shrink the assets available to nonprofits that support them. Rampant inflation started pushing marginalized families over the poverty line and increasing rents rendered many elderly homeless. The disintegration of governments in Central and South America spilled refugees over our southern border into the lap of social services. Child welfare case workers were swamped with children endangered by families disintegrating from financial problems, drug addiction, and stress related mental illness.

Case Workers Were There

Case workers were there - that’s the story of 2022.  Our blog’s mission is to sing the praises of the noble case workers who are the unsung heroes of our social system.  In 2022, we have been privileged to witness and publicize 51 inspiring stories of case workers responding to the needs of the marginalized made more vulnerable by the year’s events. We will be honored to continue this mission in 2023.


So, our last word for 2022 is:

Thank You


Here are some of our blogs from this year that have received the greatest readership. I'm hoping you'll find them just as motivational and inspiring as we have. 

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