3 Ways NGOs Help Improve The Quality of Life For Seniors

Posted by GVT Admin on Aug 23, 2022 10:45:00 AM

working with seniors We require assistance with a variety of tasks as we age. Many elderly people, however, lack caregivers who they can rely on for their daily needs. In the US, approximately 54 million people are 65 years of age or older. This demonstrates the growing need for NGOs to expand their services and meet the needs of all the nation's senior citizens. Fortunately, a number of NGOs in America have taken on the duty of caring for elderly people.
Continue reading this blog to learn about three ways NGOs are helping senior citizens.

Access to Medicine

You may be surprised to learn that 80 percent of seniors have one or more chronic medical conditions. To maintain good health, senior citizens must regularly take their medications. Unfortunately, a lot of elderly people lack caregivers who can transport the necessary medications for them.
NGOs can assist by providing the medications on time. Large-scale planning and execution of the delivery, however, can be difficult. Many larger NGO's and government agencies utilize social service software to increase workload effectiveness.

Assisting Senior with Travel

Due to their declining physical condition, which prevents them from driving, seniors find it challenging to commute over long distances. Many NGOs offer transportation to assist senior citizens in moving around the city. NGOs can provide senior citizens with comfortable transportation to their destinations, whether it's a trip to the doctor or a nearby park.

Revamping Their Living Spaces

There are useful articles that offer suggestions for friend and family to help with remodeling senior homes, such as this one from StandUP For Caregivers.  However, NGOs can also provide assistance to seniors in a variety of ways, such as by organizing their furniture or repainting the house to give it a fresh look.

NGOs' volunteers can also help elderly people install wheel chair or disability features to improve their quality of life.  Here are some popular accesibility features you can install: 

  • LED-lights
  • Smart appliances that can be controlled from a smartphone
  • Rolling furniture

NGOs can be a huge help in ensuring the safety and modernity of senior housing or new living facilities.

Helping Senior Services with Case Management Software Social workers using social service software to help seniors

Senior services case management involves examining the environmental, social, and medical services required and providing up-to-date information on how those requirements may evolve.  FAMCare's social services case management solutions are focused on long-term care and can help you with identifying and locating the most suitable resources and services to best meet the needs of those in your care. 

We are exceeding proud of the work we do in senior services case management and we invite you to find out more about the work we have done with senior care. 

 High Level Tech for High Standards of Care 


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