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What Sets FAMCare Apart?  A Little Secret... "It's the Platform."

A Case Management ENGINE... 

4 Powerful Workflow Processors in ONE!

FAMCare - from the front... appears to be similar to some of the other case management software tools on the market - but there is something you need to know... FAMCare is built on a powerful workflow and development platform.  Visions Server is GVT's proprietary platform and "engine" that is configured for every customer - making their case management experience unique and very special. 

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August 31 ,2017

The TAO of Social Work

FEAR is the social worker’s most formidable enemy. Vulnerable people at risk are the social worker’s constituents, and vulnerable people at risk are, of course, full of fear. Persistent fear always morphs into anger setting up a self-destructive spiral in the vulnerable. Whether working with a population of addicts, immigrants, children at risk, or the elderly, helping clients overcome fear is the first job of the social worker.

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August 31 ,2017

How Will the Back-to-School Rush Affect Your Fundraising Efforts?

Back-to-school season is upon us yet again, as is the rush of excitement and change that comes along with it. Approximately 77.2 million students - both children and adults - are expected to return to classes (from nursery school all the way through college) between the months of August and September. According to one study, Americans are expected to spend a combined $27 billion during this period on shopping alone, with much of that money going towards necessities like clothing, school supplies and tech purchases like tablets and new computers.

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August 30 ,2017

OJJDP News At A Glance, July/August 2017

Posted in | By: George Ritacco

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) announces the availability of OJJDP News At A Glance, July/August 2017. In this issue’s Message From the Acting Administrator, Eileen M. Garry discusses the Office's commitment to safeguard American Indian and Alaska Native children and support tribes in implementing culturally specific, trauma-informed measures to help them heal.

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August 25 ,2017

Social Services - Our Annual Overview

Every year we like to take a half-step back and look at the status of the social work profession. How are social workers faring in the workplace? What do future job prospects look like? How’s the pay? Working conditions? What are the main challenges?

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August 23 ,2017

Putting Donors at the Center of Your Fundraising Program

This week's Movie Monday's Fundraising Tip is here.  Enjoy!

Do you ask yourself the following two questions?

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August 21 ,2017

No Respect

Like Rodney Dangerfield, millennials get no respect. It’s a stereotype you’re probably all too familiar with: the “spoiled, narcissistic millennial.” When perpetuated, it leads to some sweeping generalizations about the work ethic, mindset, and values of millennials. They are discounted as the entitled generation, criticized for never leaving home, playing electronic games, taking no interest in anything outside themselves, having no manners, and basically thinking they are not compelled to do anything.

In a recent Time magazine article, author Joel Stein wrote: “In the U.S., millennials are the children of baby boomers, who are also known as the Me Generation, who then produced the Me Me Me Generation, whose selfishness technology has only exacerbated.” Stein went on to assert that “this new Me Me Me Generation has become damaged due to an overdose of self-esteem.”

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August 18 ,2017

7 Pillars of a Major Gifts Program

Do you struggle with starting a gifts program at your agency for fundraising?

This weeks' Movie Monday's fundraising video has some great strategies to share - enjoy!

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August 15 ,2017

A Good First Step When Moving to Electronic Case Management

It has been a little over 5 weeks now since I’ve been involved with Global Vision Technologies and the experience with this great organization has been humbling. Obviously with any new occupation, there are bumps and hurdles to get over, but sometimes the bumps in the road make you appreciate the workers involved in paving the ways to success.

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August 14 ,2017

Long Term Care - Global Vision Technologies' Annual Update

In January 2015, Global Vision Technologies reported on the impending avalanche overhanging the long-term care industry as the baby boomer generation began to reach retirement age. At that time, we reported that by 2030 sixty-one million baby boomers aged 66 to 84, along with more than nine million of the “oldest of the old” born before 1946, will require some form of long term care services. Congressional Budget Office estimates suggest that total long-term care expenditures will increase at a rate of 2.5% per year compounding to $270 billion in 2030.

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August 08 ,2017

The X Factor in Growing Your Nonprofit's Fundraising

This week's fundraising tips video is in from our friends at Movie Monday's!  In today's video Peter Drury rides in the Nonprofit Story Bus and reveals:

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August 07 ,2017

Webinar to Discuss Child Forensic Guidelines in Child Abuse Cases

On August 16, 2017, from 2 to 3:15 p.m. ET, OJJDP, in collaboration with the National Criminal Justice Training Center, will present "Which Comes First: the Child Forensic Interview or the Medical-Forensic Exam?" This webinar will address the child forensic interview and the medical evaluation portions of the National Children's Alliance’s new "Standards for Accredited Members." The webinar will review the criteria for categorizing disclosures of child sexual abuse as emergency, urgent, and nonurgent; best practices for performing a medical examination; and the purpose and admissibility of statements made during a child forensic interview and medical forensic examination. 

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August 07 ,2017

Visions Server Upgrade Announcement - August 2017

Dear Client,

Global Vision Technologies (GVT) will be conducting an upgrade to Visions Server - the platform behind the FAMCare and/or ClinicalPURSUIT systems on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - between the hours of 6pm and 3am EDT.

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August 04 ,2017

How Do You Know WHEN It's the Right Time to Upgrade Your Software?

For most organizations, case management software is about a lot more than just making your day slightly easier through the adoption of new technology. It's about leveraging the power of the digital world both to your advantage and to the advantage of the people you serve. It's about enabling superior communication that gives way to better, stronger collaboration. It's about driving business outcomes and building your enterprise around the performance-enhancing engine that you need when you need it the most.

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August 02 ,2017

How to Segment Donors

This week's fundraising tip video is in from the team at Movie Monday's.  Enjoy!

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August 02 ,2017

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