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Center for Juvenile Justice Reform Accepting Regitrations for 2017 LEAD Conference

The following post came to us today from our friends at the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

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February 23 ,2017

FAMCare Master Certification Class - January 2017 Feedback

Congratulations to our recent graduates of the FAMCare / Visions Server Master Certification training course!  Thank you to Travis Dillard of SARCOA (Southern Alabama Regional Council on Aging) and Cody Lewis of Middle Alabama Area on Aging for attending the course!

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February 22 ,2017

New FAMCare 5 Overview Videos

We've updated our FAMCare 5 videos to feature:

  • An overview or TOUR video
  • A brief introduction into how to configure FAMCare 5 to your agency's needs
  • A short description of the modules you can include in FAMCare 5
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February 22 ,2017

Paperless Prudence:  Your Guide to Transitioning to a Digital Office

Posted in | By: George Ritacco

For all the environmental, productivity, and waste management benefits of going paperless, few companies have come close to achieving it. The reason for this delay is simple: offices cannot afford the disruption that completely eliminating paper would create. Going from paper to electronic software isn't always easy.  

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February 22 ,2017

Report:  Teenage Druge Use on the Decline

The 42nd annual Monitoring the Future study by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research reports that teenager’s use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco declined significantly in 2016 to rates that are the lowest since the 1990s.  Teenage drug use is on the decline.

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February 21 ,2017

A little about Comfort Cases...

Hey everyone!

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February 17 ,2017

Is Case Management the Best-Kept Secret?

Is case management the best kept secret in healthcare?  With all the new "classifications" of how caseworkers and health care providers interact with their clients and patients such as "care coordination" and "patient advocating" - is the term case management getting lost?

I did a little research into this topic and found a great article written by Dorland Health, a leading integrated media publisher in the healthcare industry, that I wanted to share.  Please check it out below.

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February 17 ,2017

When Switching From Paper Forms to Electronic Forms

My name is Heather Lytle and I work for a non-profit organization called F.A.C.T.

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February 16 ,2017

Philosophy vs Politics

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February 14 ,2017

Refugees... What Social Workers are Saying

The current political debate raging over the fate of refugees seeking asylum in the United States expresses significant xenophobia, racism, and religious intolerance. Refugees are seen on cable T.V. and talk radio as a scourge on the nation; a serious threat to national security. The partisans in this debate seem to be confusing refugees with illegal immigrants or at least bundling them all together into one threatening pile.

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February 08 ,2017

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The Top 10 FAMCare FAQ Video Series

The Top 10 FAMCare FAQ Video SeriesHow does it work?  How will it save me time? 


How can I change it and make it my own? Is it HIPAA compliant? 

How will it help me attract more funding?  How will it keep my caseworkers focused?


QUESTIONS everyone wants to know.  We've developed a video series that reveals in 3-5 minute "VIDBITS"... live-action and video simulation answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about FAMCare CONNECT.