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FAMCare User Forum Announcement

Hey there!

Just a short announcement that the Official FAMCare User Forum was launched today.  The forum has been something we've wanted to do for a while to help create a place for users to go to network with other FAMCare users and to find answers to their issues.

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September 19 ,2017

Storytelling Tips From the Set of Hit TV Show NCIS

Hello - this week's Movie Mondays fundraising tip is in.  Chas. Floyd Johnson is a successful TV producer, putting out such projects and shows as Magum P.I. and Quantum Leap.  Check out this interview where Chas. shares his magic formula of keeping people engaged.  Enjoy!

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September 19 ,2017

The Brotherhood of Man

A long time contributor to our blog had this to share today about the negative state of our NEWS.  It's amazing that when you actually take time to focus on the GOOD, you can easily push away all of the negative information that is thrown at us each day.  When you are pounded every day with negative news - it can have an overwhelming effect on your psyche.  Have you heard or seen any good news lately?  Please feel free to share it here.

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September 14 ,2017

Global Vision Technologies, Creators of FAMCare Case Management Software Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

From 24-7 Press

ST. LOUIS, MO, September 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Global Vision Technologies' (GVT) is proud to announce its twentieth year as a leading developer of case management software for human services. GVT has achieved two decades of innovation and steady growth helping social service and healthcare agencies leverage technology to improve record keeping, workflow and outcomes.

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September 12 ,2017

OJJDP Webinar Series to Discuss Commercial Sex Trafficking Research

OJJDP, in collaboration with the National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College, will present the three-part webinar series "Commercial Sex Trafficking—Using Research Findings To Support Investigations" on September 13, 19, and 26, 2017, from 2 to 3:30 p.m. ET. This series will explore research related to commercial sex trafficking of minors and how to improve system responses to victims. The presenter will share findings regarding traffickers and buyers, as well as issues specific to American Indian youth. The first webinar will examine research about perpetrators, including common characteristics and grooming methods. The second and third webinars will explore findings related to factors that put youth at risk for sex trafficking.

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September 12 ,2017

How to overcome donor resistance

Need a good fundraising tip?  Our friends at Movie Mondays have a new one this week and it's pretty good.  Check it out here.

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September 11 ,2017

How Can Social Workers Combat Work Burnout?

I recently read an article on the Social Work Degree Guide website.  It enlightened me to the fact that while Social Workers are tirelessly working to find solutions for their clients in need, they rarely take the time to take care of their own needs.  Unfortunately, more often than not it leads to burnout.  Please read the article below for more information on some of the symptoms, causes and solutions to Social Worker Burnout.  

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September 08 ,2017

Life as a Caseworker

I'm always interested in learning how caseworkers manage their days both when at work and when they leave work. Social work is not easy, not by far, but it can be so rewarding when you have the ability to impact the life of someone in a positive way.  When I come across interesting information or a good article, I always look to share it with our community.

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September 07 ,2017

The TAO of Social Work... Part Two


Permit me to excerpt the article, Yoga For Addiction by Kate Jackson in Social Work Today to discuss the use of yoga as part of the new therapeutic alternatives being tried by social workers facing the virtual epidemic of substance abuse.

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September 05 ,2017

What Sets FAMCare Apart?  A Little Secret... "It's the Platform."

A Case Management ENGINE... 

4 Powerful Workflow Processors in ONE!

FAMCare - from the front... appears to be similar to some of the other case management software tools on the market - but there is something you need to know... FAMCare is built on a powerful workflow and development platform.  Visions Server is GVT's proprietary platform and "engine" that is configured for every customer - making their case management experience unique and very special. 

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August 31 ,2017

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