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We hear that an increasing number of our social worker colleagues are going into the relatively new field of Coaching.

Traditionally, Coaching has been associated with sports or the corporate sector, where companies hired coaches to work with executives seeking self-improvement. Most coaches were either business coaches, executive coaches, leadership coaches, career coaches, or life coaches.

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January 18 ,2017

I Resolve...

Posted in Fun Stuff | By: Steve Grover

Welcome to a New Year. I’ve made the same resolution this year that I’ve made for the past 20 or so New Years, and that is to not make any resolutions. Cliché I know, but taking the easy way out on this just seems, well, cliché.

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January 13 ,2017

Charter Schools... A Progress Report

What Exactly is a Charter School?

A public charter school is a publicly funded school that is typically governed by a group or organization under a legislative contract (or charter) with the state or jurisdiction. The charter exempts the school from certain state or local rules and regulations, but the charter school must meet the accountability standards outlined in its charter.

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January 12 ,2017

Asking Donors to Give More

Happy Monday!  This post comes to us from our friends at Movie Mondays!

In today's video episode, Deidre McCormack Martin talks about her role as the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization as it pertains to fundraising and talking with donors.

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January 09 ,2017

Nonprofit Regulation Landscape for 2017


When the Cancer Charities fraud case broke in 2015, donors began to ask how this kind of egregious fraud could go undetected for 28 years. “Can we depend on the IRS or the FTC or the state attorneys general to keep an eye on the nonprofit sector? Isn’t anyone watching the store?” Even concerned case workers began to wonder how the reaction to this case could have been so painfully slow. Everyone involved in the sector understood immediately that if this kind of doubt is permitted to creep in, nonprofit is in for big trouble.
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January 04 ,2017

Is working at a nonprofit a noble calling?

This message comes to us from our friends at Movie Mondays - a video training source for nonprofits on fundraising and board strategies.

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January 03 ,2017

FAMCare Goals - "Be It Resolved For 2017…”

Although considered cliché, New Year’s resolutions can be a valuable refocusing exercise. The FAMCare team here at Global Vision Technologies reevaluates its efforts at the beginning of each calendar year to ensure that we are diligently working to provide case workers with the tools they need to become more effective in the ever-evolving world of social services.

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December 29 ,2016

SAMHSA Releases Youth Engagement Guidance for Federal Events

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has released a new youth engagement guide to provide federal staff and contractors with strategies, tools, and tips for appropriately engaging youth in government-sponsored meetings and events. The guidance includes resources for a youth services approach, youth development, youth leadership, civic engagement, and youth organizin.

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December 29 ,2016

A Christmas Message


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December 20 ,2016

Your 2017 Nonprofit Tech Budget - Planning & Preparation Survival Tips

The end of December is a period filled with new opportunities, particularly in terms of nonprofits who are starting to prepare for their 2017 tech budgets. January 1 essentially creates a clean slate - a situation where anything is possible if you put the plans in motion now. If you truly want to prepare properly for your 2017 tech budget, however, there are a few key things you'll want to keep in mind.

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December 15 ,2016

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