Understanding The Meaning of Human Services

Posted by GVT Admin on Oct 4, 2022 10:45:00 AM

 helping other in human service fieldsWhat exactly does "human services" mean? The solution appears to be simple. Despite the existence of professions such as counseling and social work since the nineteenth century, the field of human services as a whole did not become recognized as a topic of study until the 1960s.  

Learn about what human services are, who provides them, and what they entail.

What is Human Service?

Human services, which have a broad definition, take a distinctive approach to meeting human needs by drawing on multidisciplinary knowledge, emphasizing both issue prevention and resolution, and upholding a commitment to improving the overall quality of life in service communities.

The human services field supports better systems for delivering quality care and support services by focusing on more than just the level of programs and services and working to increase coordination, accessibility, and accountability amongst agencies and professionals in delivering services.

Addressing Issues Related to Quality of Life working together

The human services field promotes improved systems for providing quality care and support services in the following areas:

  • Homelessness
  • Juvenile justice
  • Child welfare
  • Senior care service
  • Veteran care service
  • Workforce development
  • Mental health
  • Drug abuse cases
  • Victim cases
  • Re-entry cases
  • Discrimination and disability

You can comprehend the breadth and depth of the issues that human services workers face on a daily basis. Gaining insight into the lives of those who work in these fields can help to clarify the concept of human services.

How Technology Simplifies the Human Service Procedure?

These experts rely on a variety of processes and technology to help them do their jobs. The application of technology in human services is becoming increasingly important. However, how does software advance or improve the human component that distinguishes human services?

Case management software enables nonprofit and government human service organizations to process and analyze larger amounts of data with less error. This aids in the complexities of funding, billing, and management for these one-of-a-kind organizations. On a human level, it enables social workers to provide more services and valuable time to the populations they have pledged to serve. 

Who We Arecaring for human service organizations

Global Vision Technologies, the developers of FAMCare, is an industry leader for nonprofit case management software. For over 20 years we have been helping agencies integrate best practice data collection and workflow processes. 

Our goal is to support your mission of providing superior outcomes for those your serve.  Here are some other recommended reading from our FAMCare Blog, that we hope you find helpful: 

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