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Top Challenges of Document Management for Nonprofits

Posted by GVT Admin on Oct 6, 2022 10:22:00 AM

nonprofit paperwork Every day, social workers face the difficult task of managing a large number of case files. They must adhere to much stricter restrictions specific to the client relationship, in addition to the document management issues that almost all professionals face.
The situation has created some particularly difficult challenges for social workers. However, many of these issues can be resolved with the right case management tools.
Continue reading to learn about some of the most significant issues with document management.

Unsearchable Documents

There is a sizable collection of completely unsearchable documents at many organizations, particularly non-profits. This might be because those documents were never turned into digital files.

Any profession experiences a significant loss of time and effort due to unsearchable documents. But social workers are particularly at risk from it. Their work is very delicate and may involve governmental organizations, medical institutions, or judicial systems.

Data Breach

Document security is essential in today's world, especially if your documentation is digital. Your official documents almost certainly contain a lot of private client or company information that needs to be protected. Remember that cybercriminals don't only target for profit businesses but also non-profit organizations.

You run the danger of breaching client confidentiality if you misplace your documents. High-profile files that were heavily classified have been a source of profit for the public. Data breaches pose the greatest security and privacy risks for social workers. Phishing attacks and ransomware are serious threats to any organization.

Lengthy Document Processing Cycles

Using paper-based documentation results in substantial time loss. Maintaining, storing, searching, and editing paper documents are also excessively costly. If organizations still conduct their daily case management using paperwork, they will fall behind.

Digital File Management Issues and Inaccuracies

Most organizations rely on social workers to keep digital records on their computer systems in the absence of a proper case management system. As a result, several issues may arise, including difficulty locating documents, working on inactive document versions, overriding edits made by others, and duplicating material spread across multiple platforms.

help for nonprofit document management

Manage Your Case Documents Using Nonprofit Software

Document management issues can be particularly overwhelming in human service organizations. However, by making strategic investments in social service case management software, you can control the chaos and confidently handle document management challenges.

Global Vision Technologies, the developers of FAMCare, is an industry leader for social services case management software. We have been assisting agencies make the digital transition for over two decades.  Our goal is to support your mission of providing superior outcomes for those you serve.

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