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Improve Social Worker Productivity With Workflow Tools

Posted by George Ritacco on Nov 7, 2017 9:00:00 AM


Having access to the right information at the right time is at the heart of a social worker's ability to do his or her job in a timely and efficient manner. Being able to process and organize information received helps ensure that productivity increases, even as the industry as a whole is seeing more pressure.

Regulatory requirements, as well as an increase in caseloads, mean that social workers must have intuitive tools that improve their ability to do their jobs.

Improving Workflow for Social Workers

In order to perform their job duties, social workers are not only the caretakers of a rich array of information, they must also gather facts about each case in a manner that allows for smooth integration into the current knowledge base. A workflow process that functions inadequately is punctuated by pauses, workarounds and other delays, as well as gaps indicated by missing steps and components that participants find unsound.

Efficient Workflow Tools Support Social Workers' Goals

Increasing efficiency within their workflow process is only one part of choosing the right tools. Harnessing the technology offered by software geared for the social work industry is vital when accomplishing key goals. By directing the processes that are needed to reach these goals, they can be met in a manner that is timely, reliable, consistent, safe and compliant with applicable standards. The right workflow process is flexible enough to accommodate the inevitable fluctuations and variations that arise through factors such as patient load, social worker schedules, workloads and other environmental factors.

Streamlining Workflow with Software Technology

The social work industry often utilizes several different systems -- such as paper-based, multiple databases, spreadsheets and more -- to maintain information and generate reports for specific agencies or purposes. This leads to inefficiencies within an individual social worker's ability to maintain a smooth workflow. These methods can be cumbersome and difficult to effectively organize, can lead to information gaps and be less secure when compared to electronic records. The ability to consolidate all functions into one central database instantly streamlines the workflow and improves efficiency.

Ensure Compliance While Improving Workflow

With its goal-oriented methodology, software technology helps ensure that the gaps in data or information are highlighted. Ensuring that the quality of the data that is maintained for each case provides the social work industry with the information it needs to both ensure compliance with applicable regulations and to generate reports for funding, board meetings and other instances. The right tools can also make evaluations and inspections a more smooth and streamlined event. The ability to efficiently access the necessary information contained within a robust data management system meets the needs of an industry that is becoming increasingly data-driven.

FAMCare is the leader in case management platform workflow tools and resources for the social work industry. From our founding as the first-ever web-based technology-based case management system more than 17 years ago, we've continued to lead the industry with innovative tools.

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