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How Social Services Software Can Help Caseworkers Better Understand Family Situations

Posted by Mandy Frary on Dec 21, 2018 11:11:15 AM

Social services software family situations

For those working in child services, an understanding of family situations is vital in being able to

help improve child welfare. Fortunately for those agencies, utilizing the right social services

software can help streamline processes and effectively “humanize” the various situations.


The goal is to always be improving child welfare through various services, responses and

interventions, and with the right social services software on your side, the tasks can become

easier to track and perhaps even more simple.


Common situations faced

The most common thing faced by child welfare workers is the removal of children from their

homes. These children could be getting placed in out-of-home care, including options like

treatment, residential, medical placement or with relatives or in foster care.


One of the most problematic issues you can run into if the correct systems are not in place is not

knowing where the kids are. If you can’t track where the children have been placed, the 

day-to-day job is harder to do and, obviously, it is a huge problem and major safety concern.


social services software face to face

With my background in Nebraska’s Child Protective Services, I know that caseworkers here are required to do monthly face-to-face visits with the youth, and depending on the case plan, possible the family as well. Child welfare and a better understanding of a family’s situation can be attained through the organization and staying on top of things. In fact, using the correct social services software should be able to help improve things almost instantly.

Issues caseworkers handle

A caseworker is there to help make sure the youth and family are getting what they need, which

includes referrals to services and agencies that will be beneficial for all.


With social services software, such as FAMCare, you have the ability to track referral

information and service information. This means that not only can you see the history of the

family or youth, but you can easily view all the details. These details can include items like

agencies that have worked with them prior and the success rates. One thing a caseworker

doesn’t want to do is re-refer a service or agency that wasn’t helpful for the family and their



How social services software can help

You’ll find that the importance of social services software comes from the data and

organizational aspects it provides for caseworkers. The software is vital in tracking clients and

their cases and can include information such as:

- Demographic information

- Services needed/used

- Placements

- Case information and notes

- Case history


social services software tracking informationNot only is the software helpful in understanding the child and family’s needs, but it can also be helpful in tracking information about other agencies or foster parents. You can track what type of placements they will take, youth they will take, licensing level and training, which helps the caseworkers better match youth with foster parents. Overall, this is helping to better meet the child’s needs.

Most importantly, the right software is there to help make a situation more than just a case

number. With FAMCare, you can put the youth’s picture in the programming, which puts a face

to the name. They are no longer a number - there is a real-life child behind all the data and that

is something that motivates all caseworkers.


Understanding family situations and the needs of children can be difficult, but fortunately for

caseworkers, the process can be helped by using the right software. At the end of the day, it all

comes down to providing ideal care and solutions for children, so they may have the best

possible lives.


Mandy Frary.jpgBy Mandy Frary

FAMCare Project Manager

Topics: Child Welfare, Foster Care, human services, social services software, social workers

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