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How NGOs Can Use Technology to Help Human Trafficking Victims

Posted by GVT Admin on Mar 2, 2023 10:45:00 AM

NGOs can use technology to help human trafficking victims Human trafficking is one of the darkest yet most undeniable realities of today's world.  According to the Human Trafficking Institute, there are 25 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, many of whom never receive the assistance they require.

Social service organizations assisting human trafficking victims have recently joined forces with federal, state, and local agencies, technology companies, and the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief System Group to emphasize not only the use of technology in human trafficking prevention, but also the better use of information gathered through technology.  The team compiled their findings into a guide for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recent counter-trafficking strategy.  

However, the question is how NGOs can use technology in their daily case management to improve outcomes for the vulnerable human trafficking victims they serve.

Technology Adoption for Anti-Human Trafficking

Law enforcement organizations at a higher level are employing technology, such as AI-based algorithms, to find trafficking networks through advertisements and retrieve phone numbers used across multiple advertising platforms.  

Victim services agencies can find the adoption of some technologies a daunting process for their agencies because of HIPAA and client privacy concerns.  However, using GPS tools built into non-profit software can be a secure easy way to incorporate usable modern technology for agencies. 

An agencies not-profit software should not only be mobile, allowing case managers to update records or retrieve data in the field, but come with GPS tracking for home/field visits.  This allows for quicker service identification and pinpointing locations of clients.  

A Victim-Centric Investigation Approach

Through the use of collaboration and technology case managers push for a more victim-centric investigation approach has been heard. In recent years, this approach has been implemented by law enforcement agencies in a distinct effort to prioritize the victim's well-being.

The government has also launched a center to help support investigations, data analysis, training, assistance for victims and promotion of agencies in this field.   Technology can continue to bring these fields together to collaborate and share valuable information that continues the promotion of justice and healing for victims.  

Digitize Case Management 

Digital evidence is becoming more prevalent in human trafficking investigations. This is proving to be an additional challenge in an already difficult field. Case managers are aware that data is crucial to successful investigations into human trafficking.  They know the importance of making certain that all case notes, pertinent information, and old records remain intact and readily available.  

Digitizing your case management makes this process easier while increasing efficiency and security.  Keeping your agency updated with case management software for human services agencies has never been more important or valuable.  

Technology and Helping Human Trafficking Victims

Want to learn more about an agency that working to fight human trafficking and help victims?  Then you will enjoy reading Human Trafficking, which features The Belize Ministry of Human Development.  Their proactive program includes the use of FAMCare case management software. 

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