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FAMCare Master Certification Class - January 2017 Feedback

Posted by George Ritacco on Feb 22, 2017 4:08:19 PM


Congratulations to our recent graduates of the FAMCare / Visions Server Master Certification training course!  Thank you to Travis Dillard of SARCOA (Southern Alabama Regional Council on Aging) and Cody Lewis of Middle Alabama Area on Aging for attending the course!


Recently, we conducted a 2-day Master Certification class in January 2017.  Attendees from Alabama came to learn how to essentially take their FAMCare system to another level.  Graduates of the course are now able to program and develop in FAMCare "on their own", without the need to hire our team at Global Vision Technologies to expand, change or update their FAMCare system.

We've received great feedback from the graduates, which is a very good thing for both their agency and GVT - as we continually look to improve the overall course experience and find ways to help our clients reach better outcomes.

Class Feedback:  (1-5)
Overall score:  5

-The trainers were very thorough and tailored the experience to our company's goals and how the lessons can apply to our business.

-The staff at GVT was excellent.  I learned more than I expected to and the staff took the time to really ensure that I understood the information.

Specifically, what part of the course was the most rewarding?
-I feel that one of the easiest benefits to pinpoint is the ability to run more precise reports. We are currently looking to develop several reports that will automate hours of intensive searching into one simple click.

-The Reporting Tools section was the most valuable to our agency as it enhanced our ability to report on data collected in the FAMCare system. The JavaScript section was also very helpful to me as a system administrator to help tailor forms and improve workflow for our staff.


Top 3 Benefits:
- Connecting the dots on how FAMCare works behind the scenes and the underlying structure
- Learning how to improve workflow and tailoring the system to match our business processes
- Working closely with the GVT team and learning how to build and run more complicated reports


If you could change one thing about the Master Certification training, what would that be?
-The only change that I would say would be to maybe make it longer because the amount of information in such a short time is tough to process. I am still trying to process some of the information :)

-Personally, I would not change anything about the training. The GVT staff was very responsive of my questions and was happy to revisit any area of the training for additional review and questions.


Please rate our instructor team: 1-100%
Overall score:  100.00%


If someone you knew was interested in attending our Master Certification training, what would you say to them?
-I would say that at least one individual from every organization using FamCare should go through the training. The reason for this is because if nothing else... the Master Certification lets you know what is possible within your site and how you can get the most out of the software that your organization uses.

-The master certification training will be very beneficial to your organization in learning more about the FAMCare system and helping your agency improve workflow, decrease costs, and receive maximum benefit from the FAMCare product.


If you're interested in learning more about the Master Certification Course - please visit: 


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