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The difference between working with a software "vendor" vs. a consultant team 

Posted by George Ritacco on Mar 29, 2018 11:02:00 AM


Case management software options abound in this day and age of cloud-based technology. It seems as though lots of attractive options are being released by vendors and consulting companies alike. Knowing what to expect when working with each group can help an agency decide which approach works best for their goals as well as their budget.


Many vendors offer different packages that are designed to streamline case management for agencies. While these can seem like a good solution to effectively managing your agency's caseloads and information that's an inherent part of the job, many of these packages contain features that don't pertain to your agency. Few vendors have a smaller package that keeps things simple and streamlined. Agencies who opt to purchase such a package often find that they can't customize it or add higher level modules to meet their unique needs. Training, too, in this case is often lacking a hands-on element. Instead, onboarding tends to be limited to a virtual environment through the use of videos.

A consultant team - like Global Vision Technologies (GVT) - partners with you regardless of the size of the system or the way its configured. An empathetic mentor and/or advisor is with your agency every step of the way to ensure that the onboarding process for your FAMCare system is smooth and relevant to your goals. In addition to working with you from the start to make sure your system is configured to meet your needs, the consultant team provides your social workers with intense software training. The GVT team partners with you during setup and rollout to ensure that your FAMCare launch is a smooth success.


A vendor sells a pre-packaged software platform that contains the features that are most likely to be needed by social workers, according to their research. In nearly all cases, customization is non-existent or very limited unless you opt for a top-tier package. This might be more than your agency can comfortably afford to budget. Worse still, this expensive software may be filled with features that your agency doesn’t have a use for.

GVT is a case management and information management consulting company dedicated to delivering customized solutions focused on making your agency run better. Staffed by former social workers who are now your FAMCare team of project managers, they work closely with you to devise a strategy of managing cases that results in high performance, better workflow, improved casework and happy caseworkers -- all for a high return on investment (ROI).

Sales vs. engagement

Sales vendors are often third-party companies that count on selling as many software subscriptions as possible in order to get their commission. As salespeople, they are focused on upselling your agency of features that you might never need.  At the end of the day - salespeople sell.  Consultants protect your investment.  Their hired to help you make sound decisions.

At GVT, we focus on engagement in order to solve the problems experienced by your agency. Our best people are up front and onboarding new customers. Regardless of the size of your agency or how big your system is, we devote the time needed to get you and your caseworkers acclimated to your new case management system.  With FAMCare, our team seeks to solve the problems faced by your social workers. If we aren't able to (1) envision a clear solution that will (2) provide your agency with a good ROI or (3) if our solutions aren't a good fit for you, we simply won't engage.  We're here to help you, not sell stuff.  

GVT has been implementing FAMCare for 20 years with the same leadership team. We're proud of our 95 percent client retention rate. Our unique, strategic development platform is designed to provide your agency with the customized case and information management solutions it needs to streamline workflow and make your caseworkers happy from the minute it's launched.

If you would like to have a conversation about FAMCare and how it may help you – or even just to chat… call me, personally at 678-965-6838.  Or you can fill out a Fast Action form and someone from our client success team will call you back right away.

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