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Cloud-Based Case Management Systems... Preparing NGOs for The Future

Posted by GVT Admin on Mar 28, 2022 7:00:00 AM

Nonprofit planning meetingIn ten years, where do you see your NGO? Most likely somewhere prosperous, serving the needs of the group you've chosen to assist.

Of course, if you're in charge of an NGO, you'd want to see it grow—both operationally and geographically, with operations spanning multiple states, if not entire continents.  However, for many non-governmental organizations, this scenario is far from reality. Because approximately 30% of NGOs in the United States cease to exist after about ten years. And there are several reasons for their failure, the most important of which is their failure to plan for the future.

So, if you’re running a NGO, here’s how human services case management software can singlehandedly be your champion.

Aids in The Early Management of Caseloads

NGO's frequently struggle to manage things in their early stages. This could be due to a lack of funds and volunteers, as well as the fact that running an non-profit is primarily based on trial and error, with the more experience you have, the easier it becomes.

A cloud-based case management system can help to streamline things in the early stages, especially if you're short on staff. The software can be customized and personalized based on your organization's needs, and it includes templates for forms and applications to help you stay on track in the event of larger caseloads.

Can Protect Your Documents and Client Information Securesoftware security

Another critical issue for non-governmental organizations is privacy. When dealing with sensitive information from so many people, it's critical to protect their privacy and ensure that no documentation or data is accidentally or intentionally leaked.

Modern case management software is typically HIPAA-compliant and assists you in keeping your organization's data completely secure. This could save your NGO from heavy fines or blacklisting in the event of a breach.

Allows for Easier Expansion

Finally, without case management software, it would be extremely difficult for an NGO to grow and expand. This is primarily due to the fact that taking on more casework typically leads to growth, but without case management software, there is only so much work you can handle.

An NGO must invest in the right places with limited resources in order to remain efficient enough to expand. Hiring more caseworkers might not be enough or viable in the current job market; however, integrating modern nonprofit software could be a very worthwhile investment.  One major advantage is your current caseworkers will be able to work faster, this will have a dramatic effect on the bottom line of your agency.  

For over 20 years it has been GVT's business to provide technology to the world of social services.  You can read more about how our social services case management software, FAMCare, has made a difference for agencies under Case Studies in our blog.  

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