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Benefits of Using A Modern Case Management System

Posted by Kim Hickman on Jan 31, 2022 7:00:00 AM

social workers meeting Our world has become increasingly digitized, and this digital evolution didn’t just happen out of the blue. The digital revolution came about because we needed it. This stands true for almost all industries and organizations across the board, including social work.

Social work is one the most demanding fields, and in places like the US, where there is already a shortage of caseworkers, it’s crucial to bridge the gap between demand and supply using technology.

So, if you work for a government or human services organization, social services software is a must.

Here are a few benefits to consider…

No More Extensive Paperwork

The most incredible thing about case management software is that it significantly cuts back paperwork. The tools provided by social services software can easily record and organize information in one space or dashboard, this makes it not only easier but faster for you to obtain the information you need.

Moreover, you save paper—which is the eco-friendly way to go! And since you’re using less paper, you also don’t have to worry about storing the heavy physical case files. Paperless also means you can store all relevant data in the cloud, safe and secure.

But most importantly, there are fewer chances for human errors when you use case management software.

Quick and Remote Access to All the Information You Need

One of the most immediate benefits of case management software is that you can start working remotely with ease. You don’t have to carry around any hefty case folders or notes and can remotely access all the information you need on a laptop or tablet.

The ability to adjust quickly and work remotely was a huge advantage during the pandemic for those agencies that already made the jump to a social service case management platform.

Keeps Sensitive Information Securesocial worker working on a laptop

In the social services field, a lot of the case notes you take regarding clients, will contain classified information. Social workers take the confidentiality of their clients seriously and should demand that their social services software do the same, with powerful security that complies with HIPAA standards.

Nonprofit software comes with a range of brilliant features so investing in the right software is important decision. Your choosing a partner to work with your unique social service organization.


Global Vision Technologies the developer of FAMCare, a nonprofit case management software, has been helping agencies improve their efficiency for over 20 years. To find out our Unique Advantages click here.

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