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A Caseworker's Success Story

Posted by George Ritacco on Nov 14, 2014 2:30:00 PM


Some POSITIVE Feedback

Because we are in the problem-solving business, we often talk too much about problems here in our blog and don't spend enough time-sharing inspiring success stories with our readers. We are going to correct that error starting right now.

Every month we will devote a column to a caseworker's success story in the hope that each story will inspire us to continue our efforts regardless of how discouraged we become at times. We will change the name of both the caseworker and the client to maintain strict confidentiality. All the stories are true, however, and will hopefully be a source of inspiration to you.


Heather wanted to adopt more children after her four birth children began to rapidly approach adulthood. It took her months to muster the confidence to tell her husband, Gary, and she was surprised when he said he had been thinking about the same thing. They both had affection for teenagers and wanted to help young people who found themselves without family support during that crucial time in an adolescent's life.

Heather and Gary began to run into roadblocks when they applied to adopt in their home state of South Carolina. They were told they may be too old; it was too difficult to adopt teenagers, it would be difficult to find a match, they would have to be patient, they might not have enough time left to adopt, etc.


"Then I received a phone call from Sarah Winslow," Heather began, "an out-of-state caseworker who wanted to talk to me about two sisters, 15 and 13, who were from Missouri. She had been searching for months across the entire adoption network for a couple she believed could create an environment in which the girls would thrive. Because she had been working very closely with the girls over many months and knew them intimately, she believed that couple was Gary and me."

"There were quite a few hurdles we all had to clear before the adoption was a success," Sarah added. "For example, the 13-year-old had to be hospitalized in South Carolina but her legal status in Missouri left her Medicaid in question. We nagged Medicaid to death, and the younger sister was cared for and completely cured.


"Although this adoption was unusual...two sisters adopted by elderly, out-of-state parents...we were all determined to make it work," Heather said, "especially Sarah who went out of her way to take a personal interest in everything that was happening both to the girls and to Gary and me."

"People always ask 'what is the meaning of life', and I don't have to ask that of myself," Sarah said. "I know why I'm here because everything has led me to this job. I don't have to wonder about that at all."


Heather, Gary, and their two adopted daughters function as a family every day. The girls are finishing school, Gary is preparing to retire, and Heather, at 60, is thinking about adopting more children.


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