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10  Critical Things to Avoid During Your FAMCare Implementation

Posted by George Ritacco on Aug 25, 2020 9:45:32 AM

dreamstime_s_79534490We never partner with a client and go into an implementation expecting it to fail. However, why is it that if you look across the software industry there are implementations that do indeed fail?  It’s a reality.

But here’s a little secret. Actually, it’s a big one. In most cases – the biggest reasons why implementations fail has nothing to do with the software itself… but something else. In fact – there are several reasons why an implementation can fail and we’re here to show you an easy path to success if you avoid the following pitfalls.

There is an old adage – when you “fail to plan”… you are planning to fail. For some – projects fail because the teams failed to really think through a plan before jumping in and getting going. Your plan should not only include a road map for implementation, but also steps to mitigate risk. Any risk mitigation work up-front, goes a long way to improving a project’s chances of a successful outcome (and without a lot of bumps…).

Here are 10 Things to Avoid When Taking on Your Next Software Implementation

  1. Lack of a real problem to solve, clarity in goal-setting and desired outcomes (are we sure that software can solve your problem?)
  2. Lack of Executive Sponsorship at the onset and throughout the project lifecycle (engagement and support is key from top to bottom)
  3. Lack of a detailed plan to executive the project (and include risk mitigation)
  4. Lack of solid project management focus (not everyone can manage a project like this)
  5. Under-estimation of required resources (a good understanding of people and the required commitment needs to be established up front)
  6. Inability to be or remain flexible and adaptable (schedules change, priorities shift… we need to plan for these types of things up front)
  7. Over-engineering / customizing the system (take advantage of configuring before you customize)
  8. Insufficient testing (must follow a closely executive iterative development and testing plan)
  9. Insufficient training (training is a two-way street, again implementations require a commitment of time and the right people)
  10. Poor data cleansing and converting (good discussions around data considering cleansing, normalizing, mapping and converting will improve data quality and transfer during any implementation)

Other Thoughts Around Implementations...

Does the System Conform to Your Needs or Do You Adapt Your Business Processes to FAMCare?

Only you can answer this question, however – there are certainly things to consider that may help with your decision. One of the most difficult tasks you might undertake in a FAMCare implementation is knowing when to change a business process to conform to FAMCare’s out of the box functionality, and when it is essential to customize the system to preserve a strategic business process advantage.

FAMCare has been developed and refined by observing best business practices when it comes to casework and caseload management and incorporating them into the design; if you have a non-conforming process then it’s likely not a best practice. Let me say that again – if you have a non-conforming process then it’s likely not a best practice. Yet, you will face opposition to changing, possibly from an executive or a caseworker… because somebody is going to have to do something they don’t want to do. Yes… sometimes change is hard, but may be needed and your ability to commit to a change will ultimately help determine a positive outcome.

Can you Differentiate Between a Unique Business Practice and a Bad Habit?

Think about this as you mentally separate yourself from your peers and co-workers, even though you hear and understand their concerns. Then you have to ask yourself if this thing you are debating is a fundamentally good business practice. If it is – keep it and we can tailor the form or function in FAMCare for you. If it isn’t - now is a fantastic opportunity to change for the good!


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