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Find More Donors Today - Great Tools to Help

Posted by George Ritacco on Oct 31, 2012 4:48:00 PM


Chris Davenport over at Movie Mondays - a good group of folks who create video ideas that help nonprofits find and retain donors... just released a great offer in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  I'm just going to share the email I received in my INBOX today with you in case you want to take him up on his offer. He gives some great fundraising ideas! Here it goes:

Dear George -

So, here I am.  It's 12:36 AM and I'm thinking about all the damage that's been done by Hurricane Sandy. And I'm wondering how I can help the nonprofits affected by the storm. And then "BINGO" it hits me. "I'll create a win-win for you and for the nonprofits affected by the storm."

So, here's what I am going to do.
First, I'm going to help you get some more donors.  And I'm going to do that by basically giving you the "How to Find and Cultivate Donors" DVD set. It retails for $159.95. You can have it for only $50. (That saves you $109.95)

Second, I'm going to take that $50 you give me and donate 100% of that money to nonprofits affected by the storm.  So, all $50 goes to nonprofits.  I don't keep a cent. I'm not even keeping any money to pay for the cost of the DVDs.  I will absorb those costs.

So that's it.  Pretty simple.  You get more donors and nonprofit groups that have been hit by the storm get some much needed unrestricted dollars.

If you'd like tips on fundraising and some help finding more donors, click the link below:

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