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Sending Text Messages from your FAMCare or Clinical Pursuit System

Often times it is convenient or necessary to send text messages from your FAMCare or Registry System. The current version of Visions Server (the engine that drives FAMCare and ClinicalPURSUIT) supports outgoing text messaging right out of the box with the SMS Outgoing Message Module.

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January 20 ,2017

Getting Data Out of Your System

As an administrator or Power User of your FAMCare system, you’ve got entry forms set up, you’ve set your pathways, you have a lot of data in your system that has been entered by your users, and now you need to get it out in a format that is useful and valuable!

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October 19 ,2016

Is "Change" for the sake of change... good?

I often start my day by opening up a browser and checking the weather.  A couple months ago when the weather site loaded, it looked completely different!  It took me a few minutes to learn the navigation of the site and all was well.  But why did they change the site?  It appears there was no new or different information--it was simply a cosmetic upgrade with different navigation.  I felt a few minutes of my life had been wasted for no reason.

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September 15 ,2016

A Classic Spin on the "Work Environment"... Working in the “Arena”

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You’ve made it or are on the way.  You have that promotion to a supervisor/manager or maybe you’ve earned an executive position.  With your new position you have that corner larger cubicle or private office.  Is that a good work environment for you?  Be careful!  You need to carve out time to spend in the “arena”.

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August 10 ,2016

Leading Edge, Not Bleeding Edge

When smart phones first came out, it was predicted that everyone would eventually have one and that we couldn’t live without them.  That prediction has come true. 

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March 31 ,2016

World-Class Case Management on a Budget

How can a world-class case management system be built without breaking the bank?

When a large private or government agency implements an enterprise case management system, often they engage with a company that brings in full time project managers, developers, testers/trainers and others who are dedicated to the entire project for the entire time of implementation.  The agency generally provides office space and the project team becomes de-facto employees of the organization for months (or even years) until the system goes live.  In some implementations, the process is similar but the “de-facto” employees are at the vendor site, but at the beckon call of the customer.

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March 16 ,2016

How Do You Alleviate Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Data Entry?

While working on an implementation at a customer site, I observed a caseworker in Michigan entering data into a SACWIS (State Automated Child Welfare Information System) computer system, then immediately enter the same data (plus some that SACWIS didn’t have) into the agency’s own system.

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January 21 ,2016

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