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Case Management Software To Be Launched At The Foster Families Treatment Association National Conference

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July 31 ,2015

The Road to Recovery

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July 28 ,2015

A Nonprofit Success Story



How can it be that most Americans have never heard of the 3rd largest charity in the United States? Everyone has heard of the largest charity, The United Way. Number 2, The Salvation Army, has been in the public eye for more than 150 years and number 5, The American National Red Cross, is well known to little school children. However, no one who we asked to guess what non-profit was number 3, got it right.

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July 21 ,2015

If You Don't Know Where You're Going - You're Probably Not Going to Get There

The purpose of this weekly blog is to stimulate thought and discussion about the topics that affect the entire social services sector. Even though our blog appears here on the FAMCare site, it is not our intention to inform you about our products in this space. However, every now and then, FAMCare does provide the perfect solution to a problem the social services sector is faced with. 

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July 14 ,2015

Beware of Bias

Bias is defined as a strong indication of the mind or a preconceived opinion about something or someone. 

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July 07 ,2015

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The Top 10 FAMCare FAQ Video Series

The Top 10 FAMCare FAQ Video SeriesHow does it work?  How will it save me time? 


How can I change it and make it my own? Is it HIPAA compliant? 

How will it help me attract more funding?  How will it keep my caseworkers focused?


QUESTIONS everyone wants to know.  We've developed a video series that reveals in 3-5 minute "VIDBITS"... live-action and video simulation answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about FAMCare CONNECT.




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