Why Cloud Computing is the Future of Non-Profits?

Posted by GVT Admin on Jan 17, 2023 10:45:00 AM

Non-profit learning why cloud computing is the future of non-profitsAccording to studies, approximately 94% of organizations worldwide have reported using cloud computing in their processes. These companies include large-scale business organizations, start-ups, small-scale enterprises, and even non-profit organizations. This is encouraging a greater number of non-profits to evaluate their case management processes and consider upgrading their current non-profit software.

This article discusses why cloud computing is the way forward for all non-profit organizations.

Allows Them to Collaborate with Caseworkers and Clients

One of the most significant benefits of using cloud computing is that it allows non-profits to collaborate easily with other caseworkers and even clients. Employees at a non-profit organization can quickly upload different files and records to the cloud. Caseworkers at different locations can access them and work on the case simultaneously. Additionally, they can make changes in the data stored on the cloud, and it will be updated for all social service workers handling a social issue. This saves time and makes effective collaboration and communication possible.

Protects the Data from Being Accessed by Unauthorized Users

Another huge benefit of using a cloud management system is that it allows non-profits to upload their data on a server easily, which protects confidential information from unauthorized individuals. In the social service sector, caseworkers have to handle private information like a client’s family history, medical history, or location, which needs to be confidential at all times.

Non-profits prioritizing client-service confidentiality need to invest in a secure and encrypted cloud management system that prevents data from leaking. A cloud management system also restores that data easily, preventing it from getting deleted permanently.

Allows Caseworkers to Work from Any Location

In social services, caseworkers move around a lot while assisting senior citizens, children in foster care, or homeless individuals. These caseworkers need access to the latest information almost all the time. A cloud system allows non-profit organizations to share updated files with caseworkers, no matter where they’re, allowing the organization to work seamlessly without disruptions.

Cloud-Backed Non-Profit Case Management Software

When researching different cloud solutions, it's best to go with a non-profit case management software that includes cloud features as well as other technologies such as GPS.  Agencies with robust human service case management software already understand the benefits of dashboards, report generation, goal-setting features, progress-tracking options and schedule creation coupled with the benefits of cloud-based storage. FAMCare Case Management Software 

All of these advantages and more are offered to our clients who utilize FAMCare, our case management system designed for nonprofits. When you're ready to move your agency's case management to the next level, we're here to have a conversation with you and demonstrate how to transform the way your agency does case management.

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