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What is a Software Plan?

Posted by Chris Jaynes on Mar 9, 2016 3:50:10 PM


A software plan is the overall guiding plan that takes into account the major parts to any custom development project.

A solid plan must include:

  • What you are trying to accomplish with this change (Beginning with the end in mind)
  • What needs to be reportable from this new change, and to whom (Why are you collecting this new data set?)
  • A form template of the fields to include
  • An if/then checklist to define hidden fields, skip-logic, business rules, and error trapping mechanisms for how the form work flow will operate
  • A list of people or roles that will need to interact with the form (to help set up security and access groups for read/write/edit permissions)
  • A stakeholder checklist – for a review with those that will interact with the form to confirm understanding
  • The benefit to the users of this new form.  For Example: Case workers will save 2 hours/day in processing time
  • The transformation that will occur as a result of incorporating this new form. For Example: by saving 2 hours a day, case workers can spend more quality time helping the most vulnerable 
  • An allowance for the number of iterations.  It’s not always possible – but when it is, try to come up with an allowance for changes.  This helps keep the project budget in check, limits the amount of back and forth that can occur, and avoids scope creep.

When you come to any development project with a plan and a clear vision of what the end result looks like – you set yourself up and ensure that you will have the best development project possible.

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