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Walking in the Case Workers' Shoes

Posted by Steve Grover on Feb 18, 2016 4:59:36 PM


As many of you know, if you’ve been following my other posts, I have a passion for customers we serve because of my experience growing up as the son of house parents.  They can’t call them that any more, and no one actually lives in the same residence as the clients.  Times have really changed.

I came from an era when the stereotypes of “Miss Hattie's Home for Girls” were not uncommon, although my experience was not with an orphanage, but a residential living facility.  Some of the other houses were self-policed by using intimidation to control the population.  Seems a bit harsh, but at the time, very effective at maintaining order.  Today the facility would be shut down.

Anyway, the struggles are not much different, just the methods of control have changed.  The passion of the workers is still the same.  Today I work to provide the best Case Management software on the market.  The folks doing the “touch labor” in these facilities have a tough job, and everything I do is to help make that job easier.  I could not do what they do, so God bless them.  I’ve seen it from both sides.

When I was first introduced to FAMCare, I was working at that very facility as the IT Director.  It was my second favorite job ever, but it was hard for me to watch as an adult what the Case Workers, Crisis Intervention Workers, and the House Staff were faced with every day.  They cared.  I came to work every day, and enjoyed every minute of working with technology as it ran smack dab up against the human factor.  Introducing them to this software was so rewarding with every report I could give them.  Eye opening experiences on a regular basis as the fruits of their labor spilled out onto the screens of their computers.

Now I not only implement FAMCare, but I’m directly responsible for its substance and content.  I could think of no other rewarding thing I could be doing, and I can do it for many facilities.  We have thousands of folks out there that log in every day to some version of our product.  I want them to get in, enter and review data, and get out.  They have real work to do.

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