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Spending Too Much Time on Paperwork? Find a Human Services Software Solution

Posted by GVT Admin on Feb 1, 2019 11:51:11 AM

too much paperwork

When it comes to your clients and your fellow caseworkers, nothing is more important than meeting face-to-face. The more time spent directly with your client, the more likely you are to achieve the individual case goals and fulfill the mission focus. On paper it seems simple and obvious, yet paper is exactly what continues getting in the way. That’s where having the right human services software comes in.

How big is the bureaucratic beast you’re feeding?

A few years ago Scott D. Miller, PhD., founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence, an international consortium of clinicians, researchers and educators, asked the director of a large agency how much time was spent doing paperwork. The director’s reply: “50%...” adding quickly “Our goal is to keep it at 50% of work time.”

That was in 2014, and it’s only getting worse. More and more agencies seem to be spending time “feeding the bureaucratic beast.” Each state or federal agency, regulatory body and payer wants you to fill out some form of some kind. The gap between human and services is widening at a frightful pace.

Human Services Software puts the human back in human services.

online simplicity human services softwareUndeniably the goal of paperwork and oversight procedures is to improve accountability. But as we just read, at a high cost of your human resources. The simple solution is to go paperless with a human services software that fits your needs and streamlines paperwork.

The right human services software can improve valuable face time where and when needed. Take for example your case notes. Mission critical, they are an integral part of the human services process. These records are important for social work continuity, legal discovery purposes and historical record. They are also the building blocks of a host of other important relevant documents – yes, including forms. Having the right human services software ensures all case notes are legible, up-to-date and easily accessible to all proper authorized personnel.

The human services software solution for you.

happy caseworker human services softwareFAMCare offers an easy-to-use and affordable case management software that’s social worker friendly. It improves caseworker effectiveness, measures, tracks and monitors your programs, staff and services to help you deliver a more community based, family-focused service system. And it allows you to go completely paperless.

Having the right human services software allows you to keep case notes for every activity you do and has the ability to change what forms are available based on programs. FAMCare's offering lets you create personalized, specific forms based on different programs as well as reports to collect data from those forms. 

Some other aspects of FAMCare's human services software that your organization might find helpful include: 

  • Easily transfer all data from current system
  • All forms that used to be filled out on paper can now be filled out online including signatures when necessary
  • The case notes lock
  • Multiple security measures determine a person's access
  • Configure mode changes wording on forms immediately 
  • Differentiate between travel time and actual activity time
  • A supervisor can mirror a staff member at any time to see what they see
  • System of reminders ensure staff fill out forms within a given time period

FAMCare offers training both in person and an online video. It is extremely intuitive for employees who just need to enter data, and since it’s web based it can be accessed anytime there is internet. For more information on how the FAMCare human services software can help you achieve your mission contact us.


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