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Saving One Baby at a Time

Posted by April Freund on Mar 2, 2017 9:00:00 AM


Years ago I had the urge to physically volunteer for a good cause and it was quite rewarding.  Although I don’t physically volunteer there we continue to support their mission.

Ministering to Pregnant Women

The name of the Shelter is Our Lady’s Inn and they have been ministering to pregnant women with nowhere to go for at least 20 years.  As part of the Archdiocese they minister not only to the physical and emotional needs of the women, but also the spiritual.  

They have a dorm like setting but ensure that the women have a clean safe place to live, learn and grow while they wait for the arrival of their beautiful babies.  They are allowed to bring their other children into the shelter to live as well and that’s a very important point for them.

Often they are homeless because they became pregnant and either the father or the family will no longer let them live with them.   

While there the children are watched while their mothers are in GED courses, child care courses and personal finance courses.  The goal is for this time to be used for their growth and put them in a much more positive position for the children.  

Once the baby arrives there is a period where they are still allowed to stay but the last I heard they have a transition program where OLI assists in finding them jobs and affordable housing.  

Saving Babies... One at a Time

In their newsletter at the end of the year there is usually at least 40-50 babies who were saved because of this program.  And often the mothers write very poignant letters that are published describing how their lives were turned around due to the love and support they found at OLI.  

It’s very heartwarming.

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