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Life as a Caseworker

Posted by Chris Ettere on Sep 7, 2017 1:05:33 PM

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I'm always interested in learning how caseworkers manage their days both when at work and when they leave work. Social work is not easy, not by far, but it can be so rewarding when you have the ability to impact the life of someone in a positive way.  When I come across interesting information or a good article, I always look to share it with our community.

Yesterday, I came across an article (albeit, an older one, but a good one) that I wanted to share titled "Focus on the Good".  It's from a blog titled Life as a Caseworker.  The blog has some good posts and she follows up her information with videos too.  Here is an excerpt - of course to read the entire blog post - you can follow the link at the bottom.  


As a case worker, wherever the road takes us, we go. People come in with all kinds of needs. Some need a job and/or housing, in addition to getting help for their substance issues or mental illness. Others just need to maintain where they’re at in life. For some clients, picking up their medication every week and taking it every day is as high functioning as they will ever be.

When work gets overwhelming, I take my mind off it by exercising or watching TV at night.

I don’t see many big successes, but I do see a lot of small triumphs. The world is filled with a lot of bad things, but you have to focus on the good ones.

You can read the rest of the blog here.

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