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How to Measure Success in Workforce Services

Posted by GVT Admin on Oct 21, 2022 11:45:00 AM

social-service-solutionsNGOs that provide workforce development solutions have many different ways of showcasing their accomplishments. They collaborate with outside employers and providers to suit their clients' employment demands. Consequently, how effectively they can gather information about job opportunities and how well they serve their clients will determine their success.

Keep reading to learn how you can successfully measure success in your workforce development services.

Measuring Success in Workforce Services

Nonprofit organizations use key performance indicators (KPI) to assess their progress in job training, placement, and retention. KPIs for workforce development fall into three broad categories:

Employer and client engagement

How much is your client involved in the workforce development plan of care? (Number of seminars attended; utilization of services; quantity of scheduled or actual job interviews; etc.)

Support and Services

What kind of assistance did your nonprofit organization offer? (Variety of jobs and jobs listed, held seminars, workshops etc.)

Work Success and Outcomes

What outcomes do your clients receive with your services? How did you improve the situation for your client? (The quantity of jobs filled, rates of employee retention, the success rate for landing a job, etc.)

Why Is Workforce Success Measuring Important?

Technology may aid in workforce management, enabling customers to identify and acquire the tools they require to find the ideal employment opportunity.

Workforce management software is a crucial resource for employment planning, tracking, and scheduling in human service firms. Additionally, its use has gone beyond arranging service-level agreements and automating assurances of them. It is now possible to assess patterns in order to predict and maximize employment needs.

The Benefits of FAMCare's Workforce Development Solution Social Service Workers using a social service software

  • Create and monitor individual employment programs for every client.
  • Assemble and enter information from any device, including a laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPad, etc.
  • Satisfy funding criteria such as those imposed by the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA).
  • Improve collaboration with companies and expand the number of job openings that correspond to the skill sets of your clientele.
  • Create reports using federal performance metrics and standard templates.
  • Continual reporting and analytics about your client will keep you updated.
  • As each customer moves through the program, keep track of their objectives and results.


Workforce Development software solutions from FAMCare are designed to put the right tools at the fingertips of your caseworkers.  We understand casework isn't simple, but it can be easier.   If you would like to find out if  FAMCare is the best option for your agency, Let's have a conversation


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