How to Improve NGO Workflow Efficiency

Posted by GVT Admin on May 16, 2022 9:41:00 AM

NGO planning meeting NGOs will do for social change what most organizations will not.

Non-governmental (nonprofit) organizations make significant contributions to society in terms of structural and economic change. There are approximately 1.5 million of them in the country, and the majority of them address serious social issues. Nonprofits must operate efficiently because of the nature of their business. Inefficient workflows can jeopardize an NGO's ability to meet operational objectives.

Here are some ideas for increasing nonprofit workflow efficiency.

Identify Existing Challenges

The first step in improving any workflow operation is to identify problems. Begin by assessing current workflows in your NGO's various departments. You can enlist the assistance of your team by assigning one key member from each department to the task. Determine which workflows are actually providing value and which need to be reevaluated.

Automate Your Workflow

Workflows that add the most value to your nonprofit should receive the most attention. After you've identified them, you can work to improve them. Automating recurring daily operations that typically take a long time is the most efficient way to improve them. You can accomplish this by implementing an organization-wide social services software with automated capabilities.

Monitor Performance

The final step should not be to implement structural changes. You should also keep track of how these changes are working. You can begin by putting these changes to the test first, then analyzing the key insights that emerge. Monitoring the performance of efficient workflow changes will allow you to fine-tune them to your specific requirements.

Focus on Scheduling

You may discover that some workflows cannot be automated. In this case, you should prioritize assigning specific high-effort tasks to the most qualified individuals. Some social services software also includes scheduling capabilities. So, make sure to look into your options!

Consider Software Options

Global Vision Technologies, the developers of FAMCare, is an industry leader for non-profit case management software. For over 20 years we have been helping  agencies optimize their workflow with our social services software. 

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You can start by checking out Social Service Software on FAMCare's Blog.  

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