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How to Get Data Out of Your Case Management Software System

Posted by Ray Scott on Jan 20, 2016 4:55:38 PM
Ray Scott


FAMCare makes data collection much easier and efficient.  Not only are electronic forms easy to read, the built-in workflow helps drive caseworkers in specific directions, helps them focus and keeps them productive. 

However - what about when it comes time to "seeing" your data.  What if a board member or funder needs a certain report to "feel good" about the services you're providing and that they're actually working.  What do you do then?

Here is a list of the different types of reporting tools - whether pre-configured already or something that our team can customize for you.
FAMCare Reporting Tools

FAMCare offers several powerful reporting tools to help you better manage your agency’s operations, fulfill reporting requirements, and keep tabs on your client base.  These tools include predefined reports, the ability to customize reports, and even tools to develop your own reports and database queries.

Predefined Reports

Right out of the box, FAMCare delivers an arsenal of reports most often needed by social service agencies, such as case Worker load reports, case note summaries, and billing reports.  These reports can be run immediately, or scheduled to run later at a set time.

Quick Reports

Quick Reports are quick to run and easy to modify.  FAMCare installations come with the most requested reports pre-installed; for example, demographic reports.  If you have a technical person on your staff who understands SQL database query language, they can customize existing reports or build brand new ones. 

If you do not have such expertise on your staff, GVT can build or customize reports for you – contact us for a quote.

Ad Hoc Reporting Tool

FAMCare’s Intermediate Ad Hoc tool allows you to interactively build your own reports by choosing the data fields that you wish to see.  As you select your data elements, a database query is generated behind the scenes.  These queries can be saved and rerun at any time as Quick Reports.

GVT can provide you with training videos on how to use this tool.

Manual SQL Queries

This is another tool for technical experts at your agency who understand SQL database query language.  Here you can edit Quick Reports and reports created by the Ad Hoc tool, or simply write and run SQL queries directly.

Business Analytics

GVT can build a “data cube” to let you interactively mine your data for trends and inter-relationships.  With a data cube, you can modify several variables (e.g. client age, gender, etc.) and see how changing those variables affects key measures at your agency (e.g. length of stay, reportable incidents, etc).

Training and support is available for all of the above reporting tools, and GVT is always available to help you use the tools, or to build custom reports for you. Contact your GVT customer support specialist to learn more about how to get the most out of any of these powerful reporting tools.

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