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Posted by Ray Scott on Mar 17, 2016 4:25:08 PM
Ray Scott


Set your data free!

FAMCare alone can solve the vast majority of your organization’s data needs, but in some cases it’s necessary for other systems to exchange data with FAMCare.

Visions SYNC

Some of our customers are required to manually enter data into a state system.  Rather than entering data into both the state system and FAMCare, GVT offers a solution to let you populate data in both system from a single entry.  This avoids the extra time requirements - and errors – resulting from double data entry.  If your organization needs this kind of functionality, ask your GVT rep about our Visions Sync solution.

Push and Pull Data From Other Systems

In other cases, you might need FAMCare to regularly exchange data with other software systems.  GVT can set up automated data transfers to move data in or out of FAMCare.  This might be a web service which transfers the data whenever it’s needed.  It could also be a process that runs at some interval – monthly, daily, hourly, whatever is appropriate – to automatically synchronize the data between FAMCare and another system.

Off-line Data Entry Tools

Perhaps your case workers go out in the field, in situations where they might want to enter some data while off-site, but do not have access to FAMCare in those locations.  We can build a solution in which your workers would use a tablet or laptop to record data while in the field, and then upload that data into FAMCare when they return to the office.

Imports You Can Do Yourself

For lower volume data transfer needs, FAMCare comes with a built-in tool for importing data from spreadsheets.  Once we show you how to use the data import tool, your workers can use it to import data whenever they need.  Similarly, FAMCare offers reporting solutions in which you can export report data into text files, formatted to be easily opened by Excel and most other data-driven applications.

FAMCare is not an island.  Talk with your GVT customer support specialist if you need to connect FAMCare with any of your other systems.


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