Case Management Mistakes That Cost You Money and Peace of Mind!

Posted by GVT Admin on Jul 18, 2023 11:43:00 AM

Case Manager Working The network of human assistance agencies in the United States is quickly expanding. There are currently over 1.5 million registered non-profits in the country, employing 12.3 million people.  Not to mention the job opportunities they help provide for millions of people that they don't employee. 

Social service agencies play a vital role in American culture.  They are both a necessary component of our society's safety net and an economic force in their own right.  To exist and develop, they rely on benefactors, grants, and government aid.  

However, running a social service organization involves a lot of responsibility and labor.  Because of this, you'll want to avoid making any of the following errors that could result in your organization losing personnel, funding, and important resources you need to support your clients.  Our goal is to assist you in avoiding the following case management blunders.

Ignoring Your Valuable Data 

Big data is altering the way industries operate, and the non-profit sector is no exception. It's time to start incorporating data into your agency's procedures and decision making if you want to stand out from the crowd and perform successfully. If you still believe that data is solely for tech companies, you have made your first mistake.  Utilizing your agency's data is also vital for informing donors and applying for private and government funds.  

You're Still Using Paper 

Not only is paper-based case management archaic, but it is also expensive and ineffective. If your organization and its case managers are still utilizing paper for case notes and files, not only are you running the danger of losing your valuable data, but you may also be violating compliance regulations. This also causes an excessive amount of stress for your case managers.  

paperwork at a nonprofit

Not Utilizing the Cloud 

Many charitable organizations are keeping their documents on the cloud.  If you're still contemplating whether your company should spend money on cloud-based nonprofit software, this is your third case management mistake. You may organize your caseload, provide case managers with access to data gathered at numerous agency sites, and make your company more mobile by shifting to the cloud. This will enable you to gather crucial data more quickly and securely. 

Your Case Managers aren't Tech-Savvy

Your social services' expansion is being driven by case managers, and if they are ill-prepared to meet today's demands, your organization will suffer. Make your case managers tech-savvy and teach them how to use efficient case management solutions.  Well-trained appreciated employees that are provided with educational growth opportunities are more likely to stay with your organization.  

Your Donors Want More

Human service organizations primarily receive funding from donors.  Make sure you’re not losing your precious funding at the hands of your tech-savvy, transparent, and agile competitor.  To keep your donors updated, be sure to use social media as part of your campaign.  Utilize your data, as we just suggested.  Don't forget to locate and use a case management solution that will assist you in gathering information and facilitating proper reporting.  

Learn More About Case Management with Us! 

FAMCare, our non-profit software solution, has been helping our clients manage and grow for over two decades.   Clients in the human services industry, such as those in juvenile justice, senior services, and child and family services, have discovered that using FAMCare's robust platform makes it simple to avoid these case management problems.  We invite you to have a conversation to see if we can transform the way you manage your case work.  

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