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Because We've Always Done it This Way

Posted by April Freund on Mar 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM


Our company specializes in helping human services and healthcare agencies become more efficient with their resources and improve the outcomes for those they serve.  Whether it’s children that need a "forever family", the elderly or people struggling with addiction recovery, our goal is to help those that serve them have an easier way to record and report on the data they collect.

Why Do You Do it That Way?

Many times however, we run across agencies that have practices that aren’t as efficient or effective as they could be.  When we begin converting them from either their previous paper system or excel spreadsheet system we often are told we have to customize our software to fit their process.  Often times when we press for the reason for following a process that doesn’t seem as streamlined as it could be - they simply say, “because we’ve always done it this way” or "because this is the way we do it."

I recall reading in a business book the story of the company who had to special order envelopes because their invoices we’re a non-standard size.  When an efficiency expert came in and started questioning why they would spend extra on the specially-sized envelope, no one could tell them the reason behind it. 

After many interviews they finally found an employee who had been at the company for more than 40 years.  Her explanation was that long ago the envelope salesman came in with non-standard size envelopes that had been incorrectly created for another customer and they could have a discount if they took the order.  They changed the size of their invoices to fit the non-standard envelopes and had been paying extra money for them to be special ordered ever since.

Is There a Better Way?

There’s no telling how much extra money that original discount cost them.

So when we approach a new account we work really hard to instill in our customers the opportunity to change their processes versus spend money to change the software to fit what may be an outdated process.

In the end it usually is a blend of new processes and some customizations to accommodate some unique processes so everyone is happy and they get the most value at the best price.

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