4 Reasons Why Re-Entry Programs are Important

Posted by GVT Admin on Jul 14, 2022 10:45:00 AM

person behind bars Re-entry programs play an important role in "leveling the playing field" for some of society's most vulnerable members. The goal is to simplify this complex issue while emphasizing the importance of re-entry programs. These programs are critical in assisting our justice system in achieving its goal of increased public security while also assisting former inmates in becoming productive and successful members of society.

Importance of Re-Entry Programs

When a person returns to society, their ability to find useful work, find suitable housing, and obtain the necessary skills and education determines their chances of becoming a productive member of society. All of these act as pillars to restore stability to a person's life.

A successful re-entry program assists people in overcoming these obstacles while also collaborating with other local organizations to support its programs. Re-entry programs are designed to assist former prisoners in effectively "re-entering" society, saving money, increasing employment opportunities, lowering the likelihood of re-offending, and improving public safety.

Increased Employment Opportunities 

Re-entry programs aim to reduce barriers to employment so that ex-offenders can find work once they are released. Stable jobs can help reduce other concerns that can lead to re-incarnation.

Preventing Homelessness

A former prisoner can avoid re-offending if they find a stable job and a home. Re-entry programs can aid in the development of effective approaches that improve outcomes for people who use rehabilitative and homeless services on a regular basis, thereby preventing homelessness and criminal activity.

Improving Health Concerns

From jails to society, there is frequently a lack of healthcare treatment. Re-entry programs can guarantee that the health reforms dramatically expand the availability of appropriate behavioral and medical health services to former prisoners.

Improved Public Safety 

When prisoners are released from prison, they are most vulnerable to fall into old patterns that can lead them to commit another crime. With proper social and healthcare services provided to former prisoners, the likelihood of re-offending is reduced, which benefits both the economy and public safety.

The Role of Re-Entry SoftwareFAMCare re-entry software

Case management is a critical component of the success of any inmate re-entry program. No program can be successful unless it can monitor, record, and assess each person's progress toward societal re-entry. Software specifically designed for re-entry programs can dramatically improve an agency's chances of success.

FAMCare is a proven re-entry case management software that is adaptable and flexible based on individual agency requirements. Want to learn more about what FAMCare can do for your agency?  Let's have a conversation...  


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