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4 Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make and How to Fix Them

Posted by GVT Admin on Sep 1, 2022 10:45:00 AM

colleagues working on a project There are both productive non-governmental organizations and those that are unable to reach their full potential and have the desired impact. To run smoothly, a nonprofit requires a lot of work, and many things can go wrong. Mistakes, on the other hand, can provide an opportunity to grow and learn. We hope that by sharing these common mistakes, we can help keep your agency running and thriving.

Inadequate Fundraising Initiatives 

Your NGO's survival is dependent on fundraising. You can use it to grow your organization and help more people. You can even propose that a portion of the monetary contributions you receive be used to advance your future fundraising efforts. Many charitable organizations find it difficult to embrace this because it diverts resources away from their primary goal.
However, if the organization does not invest in fundraising, it may eventually stop growing, causing operations and impact to gradually slow down.
Don't think of fundraising as a waste of time or resources. Consider it a pillar of your company's growth and success.

Unclear Responsibilities and DutiesUnclear on responsibilities

Employees in firms with ambiguous responsibilities frequently believe they are doing too much and not doing enough. They put in a lot of time and effort, but they don't have any specific goals. This is extremely discouraging and can lead to high turnover in key positions.
Provide a copy of the rules and criteria that apply to their position to each employee. Give each employee a list of duties and ask them to rank how well they can do each one and how much they enjoy doing each one.

Failure to Cultivate Relationships with Contributors and Donors

Some non-profits focus solely on fundraising and neglect to form meaningful connections with their donors. Keep in mind that your donors are supporting your fundraising campaign because they believe in your cause.
As a result, avoid the trap of only communicating with contributors and donors during fundraising efforts. Connect with them, express your gratitude for their assistance, provide them with organization updates, and demonstrate that you are still interested in establishing a strong relationship.

Manual Inputting and Saving Data Social Worker entering data

Many NGOs still rely on manually inputting, saving, and managing data on paper rather than going digital. But when it's time to create reports or respond to an inquiry from a donor or member of the board, it may be quite challenging to find all the required datasets and information.
Spend your money on strong nonprofit case management software that can automate repetitive and laborious data management, input and saving.

Who We Are

As a provider of social services software, you can imagine how strongly we feel about the latter. Global Vision Technologies, the creator of FAMCare, has been collaborating with agencies for over 20 years to provide the quality human service case management software. FAMCare (3)-Mar-17-2022-09-10-59-58-PM

Our goal is to support your mission of providing superior outcomes for those your serve.  Our features include tools and best practice templates to help keep your case management optimized, directly impacting your performance and client outcomes.  For a glimpse of what to expect from our social services software, please visit our Features Home Page.  



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