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3 Ways Technology Can Simplify a Caseworker's Routine

Posted by GVT Admin on Sep 15, 2022 10:45:00 AM

colleagues working on a project If you work in human services, you may occasionally feel overburdened. Work processes that are time-consuming and intensive, as well as manual procedures for gathering, retrieving, and distributing information, result in inefficient use of a caseworker's time.
Fortunately, technological advancements allow you to make your casework operation easier and more efficient. Let's look at how case management software can help caseworkers manage their caseloads more efficiently and effectively.

Focus on Case Management 

As a caseworker, it is critical to constantly monitor your clients' needs. Government and charitable organizations amass massive amounts of data. These businesses frequently obtain information from outside sources as well.
The more centralized this process can be, the more energy you can devote to your clients. By integrating your case management software with your company's databases, you can significantly reduce repetitive labor.

Client Empowerment via Self-Service Tools 

As part of your case management process, a self-service portal can enable numerous organizational tasks to be completed from any location, at any time. Scheduled communications can be sent ahead of time to alert social workers that meetings are approaching, have been missed, or have already occurred.

Effective Communication Using Automation 

Many of your customer interactions will have to be handled manually. Having said that, there are several ways to use automated systems to maintain consistency in your communication while giving it a personalized touch. Service tracking, assessing client intake and referral needs, sending reminders and scheduling, case evaluation and planning, and case notes and assessment are all aided by case management software.
Starting with the fundamentals is the best way to incorporate automation into your daily activities. Caseworkers can begin by creating an evaluation plan for clients and scheduling appointments ahead of time. You can begin creating entry forms, automated reminders, and anything else necessary to increase productivity.

Streamline Your Caseload Processes! FAMCare (3)-Mar-17-2022-09-10-59-58-PM

Global Vision Technologies the developer of FAMCare  social services case management software, has been helping agencies improve their efficiency for two decades.  We recognize the importance of incorporating best practices into your day-to-day work operations, and we can help you manage client data...faster, simpler, and smarter. 

Casework isn't simple, but it can be easier!

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