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3 Ways Technology Can Help All Non-Profits Save Money

Posted by GVT Admin on Dec 2, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Nonprofit meeting about ways technology can help Non-profit technology solutions have grown dramatically in the last two years. After implementing digital tools, more than 44% of non-profit executives reported increased organizational growth and efficiency. According to reports, non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are leveraging technology to increase their income generation.
Without access to technology, managing day-to-day operations as a non-profit executive can be difficult. You cannot maximize case accuracy and performance unless you invest in case management software and cloud storage.

In this blog, FAMCare’s team has outlined how tech is helping NPOs grow and succeed.

Data and Case Management Software 

Accounting, scheduling, and client communication can all be made easier with a powerful human services case management tool. A complex IT department is not required to implement a cloud database.

It also aids in lowering the costs associated with developing a hardware system and licensing new data storage software. FAMCare is a case management system for social and non-profit case managers that is cloud-based.  How much time and money can managing your cases with case management software save you this year?  Use this free tool to help quantify the value of implementing a new software system.  

CRMs for Client Retention

Non-profits do not only serve private clients. They also work with the government and other social organizations to handle cases involving juvenile justice, foster care, senior care, and mental health.  Non-profits also look to donors to help fund their important work.  This is where a Customer Relationship Management software can come in handy.

CRM, or customer relationship management, technology can improve your NPO's marketing and communication for increased donor retention and satisfaction. It eliminates human error, tracks donor patterns, and professionally manages stakeholder networks.  It can also help organize your network of professionals you rely on to help you deliver services.  

Online Fundraising via Virtual Platforms Online Fundraising Planning for non-profits

To be honest, online fundraising technologies greatly benefit non-profits. All you have to do is build a safe, mobile-friendly, and PCI-compliant platform to start receiving valuable donations online!
Donations are an important part of non-profit management, and you should use virtual technology to gain public attention for worthy causes.


Over two decades of knowledge and experience would be impossible to condense into a single blog post.  However, we invite you to learn more about the features of FAMCare.

We end many of our posts and web pages with...Let's have a conversation. Our goal and intent is to determine whether our case management solution is a good fit for you in terms of taking control and managing your information. This improves your agency's ability to plan and use data to better protect those you serve.

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