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FAMCare Goals - "Be It Resolved For 2017…”

Posted by George Ritacco on Dec 29, 2016 12:38:49 PM


Although considered cliché, New Year’s resolutions can be a valuable refocusing exercise. The FAMCare team here at Global Vision Technologies reevaluates its efforts at the beginning of each calendar year to ensure that we are diligently working to provide case workers with the tools they need to become more effective in the ever-evolving world of social services.

Our New Year’s resolutions are never a specific action, like losing 20 pounds, but usually a pointed refocus of our creative energies toward the areas of social work that we have identified as either inefficient or inappropriate.


The FAMCare team’s overall mission is to provide software solutions that automate administrative tasks and manage information so that social workers can make better decisions that improve outcomes for families under their care.


After analyzing the experiences of both new and existing clients throughout 2016, the FAMCare team resolves:

  • To increase our focus on client evaluation, coordination of services, and advanced analytics that define milestones and benchmarks.
  • To constantly reevaluate professional conduct standards in the evolving social services milieu. 
  • To continue to develop new and improved mobile interfaces.
  • To refocus training capabilities from individual training to training teams.
  • To realize a perfect record of no down time.
  • To improve connection and communication to ease referral between agencies.
  • To reenergize our leadership in change management.


Both governmental agencies and NGO’s are experiencing an explosive growth in caseload. FAMCare, and companies like us, are the last line of defense for over-burdened caseworkers. We resolve to constantly strive to provide our clients with a software that leverages the technological advances that have changed how we all interact with the world.


The FAMCare team’s New Year’s resolutions are meant to refocus our efforts in areas we have always considered important. When a company’s mission is to provide creative solutions in the ever-evolving social services landscape, monitoring the focus of our engineers and developers is critical to our making an ongoing meaningful contribution.


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