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Why Streamlining is the Key to Efficiency in Case Management

Posted by GVT Admin on Jun 30, 2020 5:00:00 PM

Sometimes grassroots efforts are great, and sometimes the grass needs to be mowed!  This is the case for the Randolph County Dept. of Social Services (RCDSS), an agency that provides residents of Randolph County, NC with access to programs that promote economic independence and family stability. Specifically, services are meant to assist families and individuals to live in safe environments and remain self-sufficient.

Randolph County’s business is not unlike many of the other clients served by FAMCare. The department’s home-grown system of PDFs and clustered data simply was not working anymore. Although robust records were kept over the years, the department soon found itself needing increased efficiency with better reporting capabilities.

RCDSS found FAMCare in 2014. We were able to offer the following customizations and tailoring to specifically meet their needs:

  • A “tailored” custom child and parent search each giving them different filtering tools to optimize their search results.
  • A 1-click multi-client creation wizard tool.
  • Customized a new intake form with advanced routing workflow that facilitated a 3-tiered, electronic sign-off process.
  • Added a feature on the longer forms to include an autosave so as not to lose any information in the event of an Internet blip.
  • Incorporate a new health screening form for NC, along with medical management and processing tied to Axis Diagnosis.
  • Automated process to verify and convert electronic password to actual written signature for PDF posting.
  • Incorporated 3 new comprehensive programs CPS, ICPC, LYNCS with data collection and caseworker workflow.

After implementing FAMCare’s Rapid Case Management software, the organization was able to streamline processes, compile extensive reports quickly, share records securely and enable workers to access important data from wherever via tablet, laptop, or smartphone with secure Internet connection.  This increased efficiency and effectiveness of the department, ensuring services were delivered timely, further serving those that need it most in the fastest manner possible.

It was a pleasure to help the RCDSS find a software solution that fit the organization’s individual needs so it could better serve the important people in its community!

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