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The 3 Most Important Features for Your Next Case Management System

Looking for the right case management software can be a challenge for anyone in the nonprofit sector. After all, there are so many choices and few that actually address the needs of a human services agency at a price that is affordable. When looking, it is tempting to simply look at the price tag first and then see what the software can accomplish. "What can I get for the money...?" while an important question is probably not the most important... at least when starting off.

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December 15 ,2017

Improve Social Worker Productivity With Workflow Tools

Having access to the right information at the right time is at the heart of a social worker's ability to do his or her job in a timely and efficient manner. Being able to process and organize information received helps ensure that productivity increases, even as the industry as a whole is seeing more pressure.

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November 07 ,2017

A Good First Step When Moving to Electronic Case Management

It has been a little over 5 weeks now since I’ve been involved with Global Vision Technologies and the experience with this great organization has been humbling. Obviously with any new occupation, there are bumps and hurdles to get over, but sometimes the bumps in the road make you appreciate the workers involved in paving the ways to success.

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August 14 ,2017

Save More Time Now: Leveraging Workflow in Software and Technology

There's a common (and unfortunate) misconception out there that certain industries are perfectly fine relying less on technology than others. Social workers, healthcare workers and people in similar professions don't necessarily have a pressing urge for information management and case management software because most of their day is spent in-person.

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April 26 ,2017

New FAMCare 5 Overview Videos

We've updated our FAMCare 5 videos to feature:

  • An overview or TOUR video
  • A brief introduction into how to configure FAMCare 5 to your agency's needs
  • A short description of the modules you can include in FAMCare 5
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February 22 ,2017

When Switching From Paper Forms to Electronic Forms

My name is Heather Lytle and I work for a non-profit organization called F.A.C.T.

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February 16 ,2017

Budgeting Brilliance:  Budget Tips For Your Next I.T. Project

IT investments are crucial for any organization, but they cannot succeed without careful budgeting. To avoid common mistakes and place your initiatives on a firm financial foundation, make sure to:

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January 27 ,2017

A Day in the Life of Using FAMCare

My name is Heather Lytle and I work for a non-profit family organization called F.A.C.T.   F.A.C.T. staff work to support families that include a person with a disability.  We are an organization that hires parents and guardians of people with disabilities who then in turn support other parents and guardians using a peer mentor approach. 

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November 09 ,2016

How FAMCare Has Helped My Organization

We are launching a new series on our blog:  TELL US YOUR STORY!  In this series we are featuring stories, situations and testimonies of how clients have used FAMCare to their advantage and how FAMCare has helped.  In some ways - it helps new readers of our blog understand the many different ways FAMCare is being used in the real-world.

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October 06 ,2016

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The Top 10 FAMCare FAQ Video Series

The Top 10 FAMCare FAQ Video SeriesHow does it work?  How will it save me time? 


How can I change it and make it my own? Is it HIPAA compliant? 

How will it help me attract more funding?  How will it keep my caseworkers focused?


QUESTIONS everyone wants to know.  We've developed a video series that reveals in 3-5 minute "VIDBITS"... live-action and video simulation answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about FAMCare CONNECT.




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