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CASE STUDY: Automating Juvenile Justice Online Technology (JJOLT)

Posted by GVT Admin on Jul 6, 2020 4:10:00 PM

Sometimes, all an organization needs is a little organization!  This was the case for Michigan’s Departments of Community Health, DHS, and Education. In 1994, these organizations came together to form the Systems Reform Task Force with a primary goal to, “achieve better results for multigenerational families who receive services across multiple human service and educational systems.” The task force recognized the need for improved technology to simplify administrative processes, improved communication across systems, and reduced barriers to services for families. Specifically, children under DHS supervision frequently needed services across multiple systems. 

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Why Streamlining is the Key to Efficiency in Case Management

Posted by GVT Admin on Jun 30, 2020 5:00:00 PM

Sometimes grassroots efforts are great, and sometimes the grass needs to be mowed!  This is the case for the Randolph County Dept. of Social Services (RCDSS), an agency that provides residents of Randolph County, NC with access to programs that promote economic independence and family stability. Specifically, services are meant to assist families and individuals to live in safe environments and remain self-sufficient.

Randolph County’s business is not unlike many of the other clients served by FAMCare. The department’s home-grown system of PDFs and clustered data simply was not working anymore. Although robust records were kept over the years, the department soon found itself needing increased efficiency with better reporting capabilities.

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Rite of Passage: A Family-focused Approach to Case Management

Posted by GVT Admin on Jun 15, 2020 8:00:00 AM

When shopping for case management software services, most believe it is critical to find a product that is both fully customizable and accessible. However, this was not exactly the case for Matthew Gosting, Information Technology Director with Rite of Passage, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable youth through 40 plus programs spanning 15 plus states.

Mr. Gosting chose FAMCare over other software services because, “Out of the box, the FAMCare platform aligned closely to our needs – even before customization. Although FAMCare is fully customizable, the initial product is the closest we could find to what we needed for our extensive case management systems,” stated Matt.

Rite of Passage provides a continuum of services for the country’s vulnerable youth, offering clients mental health services, residential treatment, out-patient therapy, mentoring, and after school programs. In fact, at any given time Rite of Passage has nearly 2,000 “students” who are in foster care, have been sent by the courts, or are simply considered “at risk” and have nowhere else to go. Specifically, Mr. Gosting stated, “We liked that FAMCare could meet the needs of our kids, across multiple service lines.”

Another huge plus for Rite of Passage? “The people make it a great organization. The service reps are amazing! They don’t feel like an outside consultant, but rather part of us, a colleague in our own business,” said Gosting. “We were treated like family.”

Much like other clients, Rite of Passage was not only satisfied with the initial product, but also appreciates how FAMCare keeps developing and growing with them. And now, with a focus on Covid-19 occurring, Matt said, “We see that, in times of crisis, we rely heavily on systems that work and we will continue to see how FAMCare adapts to meet our future needs.”

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Why Focusing on the Small Details Makes a BIG Difference In Nonprofit Case Management

Posted by George Ritacco on Jun 3, 2020 12:35:43 PM

Some people say that the devil is in the details, but some say details can be a devil to deal with!  According to Heather Lytle, Executive Director of F.A.C.T. (Family Advocacy and Community Training), an agency that mentors and empowers families to improve the quality of life and opportunities for children and adults with disabilities, “FAMCare was our first choice for case management because they understand that a small, family organization of 40 employees needs a software that focuses on the details without being too clinical.”  F.A.C.T. has been a FAMCare client since 2014 and chose them over several other products because of their ability to modify the software to fit F.A.C.T.’s needs, as well as the constant technical support that FAMCare offers its clients.

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