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Through its FAMCare suite of products Global Vision Technologies helps smaller agencies participate at the big agency level by leveraging technology to amplify impact. In an article that appeared in Policy & Practice, the journal of the American Public Human Services Association, Accenture managing directors Debora Morris and Ryan Oakes present a method for amplifying the outcomes of smaller agencies through a combination of new technology and best management practices.

Amplification # 1 – Faster Interventions

The idea is to move beyond using data insight solely for reporting or operational purposes and use it to:

  • Proactively shape programs. Contrary to common belief, agencies do not need data warehouses, a full-time staff of data scientists, or years and years of data accumulation to get results. Predictive analytics allow agencies to pinpoint high-need service areas or populations and quickly use data to develop insight-driven practice models to solve problems. 
  • Rapid-cycle evaluation is another technique that agencies are exploring to act on data insight. With rapid-cycle techniques, agencies can assess the effectiveness of specific interventions faster.

FAMCare’s Technological Contribution

  • All conversations, emails and documents related to your client are stored in one place.
  • Fast access to all previous communications between you and the client's contacts.
  • Quicklist - last 10 clients reviewed for fast access.
  • Performance tools to measure how your programs are working and results are trending in real time.

Amplification #2 – Utilizing Ecosystems

Ecosystems are the future of health and human service. An ecosystem is “a set of interconnected organizations, machines and services that can collaborate across boundaries, across silos, and design new solutions that address and solve root causes of individual, family and community health and human services challenges.” 

FAMCare’s Technological Contribution

  • Whether it's the state, community collaborators, outside agency companions, or other departments – in FAMcare you can all connect in one system.
  • FAMcare builds a bridge to disparate databases and systems and improves connection and communication.
  • FAMcare provides ease of referral between agencies.
  • FAMcare produces impeccable records that work for all teams.
  • FAMcare enables e-mail forms to appropriate providers with the push of a button, inside and outside your agency

Amplification #3 – Service Design: Place People at the Center

As organizations share data insights and develop ecosystems to provide more evidence-based services, they are making it a priority to place people at the center of it all, the hub on the hub-and-spoke model. 

FAMCare’s Technological Contribution

  • Simplified intake and referral processes - no more reams of paper forms to fill out.
  • Speeds up the process so the client is in and out of the office.
  • No more sticky notes to capture vital information during meetings.
  • Not having to ask/answer the same question over and over.
  • Auto-file of records and information to prevent anything from falling through the cracks.
  • Provides clients with a continuum of care.

Amplification #4 – Shift Ingrained Mindsets

In their article, Morris and Oakes conclude, “While technology innovation will continue to shape the future of health and human services, innovation is not solely about technology. It is a mindset shift. Led by adaptive leaders, innovative organizations pursue fresh thinking that disrupts how things have always been done. This can involve breaking new ground with systemic change or making changes to “the big little things” that can have a surprisingly positive impact on an organization’s effectiveness. Evidence-based client services are the future of health and human services. The approach is putting data insight at the heart of program delivery to achieve meaningful and sustained outcomes for people and communities.”

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