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How FAMCare Has Helped My Organization

Posted by Michelle Koerner on Oct 6, 2016 3:05:56 PM


We are launching a new series on our blog:  TELL US YOUR STORY!  In this series we are featuring stories, situations and testimonies of how clients have used FAMCare to their advantage and how FAMCare has helped.  In some ways - it helps new readers of our blog understand the many different ways FAMCare is being used in the real-world.

This week's story is from Michelle Koerner at Marygrove in St. Louis, MO.  We hope you enjoy her story.


Helping Us in Areas That We Didn't Necessarily Realize Before...

FAMcare has helped my organization in numerous ways.  To begin with, having a web-based electronic record is not only more convenient but also more efficient, more professional, and enables an increase in quality care.  The direct care staff, who have the least amount of time for paperwork, are able to input information quickly and efficiently.  Having the direct care staff track and record daily mundane appearing activities gives these activities purpose and professionalizes the staff.  Knowing that the daily, mundane appearing activities are directly tied to treatment plans and seeing the connection has improved staff morale.

FAMcare has also helps with service delivery and tracking case management.  Reports are getting completed more on time due to alerts that they are due.  Services provided are noted or if they are missing, it is obvious and draws attention to what is missing.

We have always been proud of the quality of services we provide, but FAMcare has helped us improve in areas that we didn’t realize were lacking.  We are able to track incidents by client, by staff, by time of day, time of year, etc.  We can see trends, progress, lack of progress, etc.  This helps us be more aware of how to treat clients individually. It has helped us improve in areas that we didn’t necessarily realize before.

Michelle Koerner MEd, LPC
Director of Admissions and Therapy

Topics: How Clients Use FAMCare

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