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Posted by Jasmine Brooks on Nov 16, 2016 12:06:47 PM


Analytics That Will Help Your Agency Visualize Data to Make Data Driven Decisions

FAMCare and Tableau can give your company a competitive edge.  Data is a powerful tool that can provide insights to help solve key questions for your business.  Leveraging data can turn acumens into action steps that improve your business process. Using data to influence positive change is something that impacts global powerhouses and mom and pop stores. Using data to make decisions about your business is called strategic decision making. 

What is Data Driven Decision Management?

Data-driven decision management (DDDM) is an approach to business governance that values decisions that can be backed up with verifiable data. The effectiveness of a data-driven management process is highly dependent on quality data gathering and effective analysis and interpretation by key decision makers.  

How can FAMCare and Tableau help my agency?

Long gone are the days when only and IT Admin could mine data.  The business intelligence tools that are now available in FAMCare/ Tableau allow users, with no IT experience, to drill down data without having and database or data warehouse experience.  Everyday users are not able to view data and create dashboards from the executive to the worker level with a few clicks of a mouse. The analytics that Tableau offers allow users to seamlessly transfer their data to heat maps, flow charts and to produce data for quarters or any other reporting requirement.

How FAMCare and Tableau can answer my business reporting needs?

Oftentimes entities within a business silo their data, creating several ad hoc, or one off reports.  Reporting on a business as a whole required meticulous and time consuming data crunching to produce important stats for reports and dashboards.  With the seamless integration of FAMCare and Tableau data and dashboards can be created, updated, and published at the drop of a dime.  Whether the reports are ad hoc or totally comprehensive no changes have to be made to how your workers currently capture the data, all of the work is done on the back end to allow flat data to be presented in analytical charts and graphs.

How can my agency track KPIs?

Tracking, monitoring and reporting on KPIs can be a never-ending job. Oftentimes agencies do not use one database to track all KPI’s which can make data analysis a tedious and time consuming task that typically starts at the beginning of the month and stretches until the end.  Tracking KPIs also includes tracking the measures and opportunities that an agency has in place that will enable the achievement goals set by the agency. It’s important that agencies are able to analyze variables that impact goals across all department.  The ability to visualize this data in one place in multiple view provide insight in ways that will enable agencies to make data driven decisions in real time.

How can FAMCare and Tableau Help my Business Visualize and Analyze Data?

FAMCare is an intuitive high performance database which utilizes a single platform that brings data and staff together providing agencies with a competitive edge to make data driven decisions in real time. Tableau is an interactive data visualization produce that makes data intuitive.  FAMCare allows agencies to track attributes across various disciplines ensuring that all data points can be examined at once in varying ways.  Using Tableau Dashboards and Scorecards are built in and ensure that responsible parties view data in real time and can even receive alerts for critical or achievement goal status. No programming is needed to add/ remove reports to dashboards and they are totally customizable for each user and can even be programmed for a specific security group ensuring that everyone is viewing the same data.  Data is populated in minutes to ensure that information is always readily available at your fingertips.  Reports can be scheduled to run and automatically delivered to members of the executive team for those that don’t have the time to sit at a desk and log in. FAMCare is also accessible on tablets and mobile devices that support IOS and Android software, which means that access to data is always only a click away.

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