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FAMCare and Tableau

Analytics That Will Help Your Agency Visualize Data to Make Data Driven Decisions

FAMCare and Tableau can give your company a competitive edge.  Data is a powerful tool that can provide insights to help solve key questions for your business.  Leveraging data can turn acumens into action steps that improve your business process. Using data to influence positive change is something that impacts global powerhouses and mom and pop stores. Using data to make decisions about your business is called strategic decision making. 

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November 16 ,2016

Cooking during the Dog Days of summer...

Posted in Fun Stuff | By: Jasmine Brooks

This sure has been one of the hottest summers of record.  And even now when September typically welcomes in the fall - the temperatures are still upwards of 80s/to low 90s and around dinnertime - they're scorching. 

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September 20 ,2016

My Five Favorite Apps

Today’s hectic technology driven culture is so fast paced that oftentimes we need a little bit of help to get through the day.  I’ve created a list of five of my favorite apps that help me plan, navigate, and prepare for a perfect day.

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August 24 ,2016

Big Fish in a Small Pond

GVT is an I.T. consulting company that leverages its proprietary human services software platform FAMCare - to help agencies get better results.  We specialize in delivering tailored case management solutions - rapidly and efficiently.  Our team is comprised of subject matter experts from social services, project management, and I.T. and our core team has been together for 15+ years.  Over the years - we've gone through a few iterations of our software, process and people, but have managed to remain a streamlined, productive and effective company - with less head count than one would think.  You could say - we're a small fish in a big pond. 

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August 11 ,2016

5 Common Project Pitfalls to Avoid

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Oftentimes factors and behaviors common in successful projects are coached and practiced.  However, it’s relatively easy to harbor several of the negative attitudes and behaviors that can hinder the progress of projects.  

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July 07 ,2016

FAMCare KPI Measurement

What does FAMCare KPI measurement look like?  Does FAMCare measure performance?  YES.  With FAMCare agencies can not only measure the performance of a caseworker, but also the performance of the agency as a whole.  In addition - and most important, FAMCare can measure the outcomes for your clients.  What other KPI's exist that can be measured?  Before we answer that - let's define what a KPI is.

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May 19 ,2016

Do You Have a Positive Work - Life Balance?


Today’s hectic fast paced world can take a toll on your personal life when you are left to choose between your work and your personal life.  Creating a positive work-life balance and not being the star performer on the job creates a fear of job loss.  Several studies over the past decade has shown that a negative work-life balance can result in harmful, levels of stress, reduced productivity, and even unhappiness in the home and at work.

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April 25 ,2016

What Makes Good Projects Go Bad?

No one wants their project to fail or go over budget however, this is a common occurrence due, in part, to poor planning at the onset of the project planning process.  Identifying the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How are the first steps to creating a successful Project Team and Project Plan. Taking the time to ensure that you pick the right team, ensure that your team has the appropriate knowledge, providing a clear communication process and timelines will certainly put your project on the right path.

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February 24 ,2016

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The Top 10 FAMCare FAQ Video Series

The Top 10 FAMCare FAQ Video SeriesHow does it work?  How will it save me time? 


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QUESTIONS everyone wants to know.  We've developed a video series that reveals in 3-5 minute "VIDBITS"... live-action and video simulation answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about FAMCare CONNECT.




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